Gal’s day

I totally forgot that yesterday was World Women’s Day. What kind of woman am I then? Please don’t think that I don’t like being women because I forgot this day. My problem was I had to work and do all the things women do in our modern society.

I ask how come nobody ever throws a party for us gals on that day and we get the day off, naturally with pay. Hopefull wishing on my part…

I recently found some interesting reading literature about how us gals used to be years ago, and I must say I would fail in all areas and it went something like this, though I cannot remember exactly.

• Greet you partner with a smile when he comes home and make sure you are wearing a dress and make-up. -> My partner would be suspicious right away and ask me what I was up to and were had I been and if I am feeling ok. Definitely a bad idea in my household!

• Make him a drink and listen to him complain about his day -> What about me? Maybe I need a drink after hearing him.

• Cook for him -> And then he doesn’t show up on time and he complains that the meal is soggy. No thank you; I don’t want that headache.

• Show him your love -> Right, I’m dead tired from work, shopping and household and I am supposed to be in the mood, sorry!

I wonder if anyone really did that stuff and did it work???? Somehow I can’t imagine that it functioned more than a week at tops because I wouldn’t have the energy to carry out such a charade for a whole week let along my whole life.
Though my problem could be that my mom never gave me the right training but then again when I think back about my mom (bless her sole) wasn’t like that either. So, how could I learn anything?

I think they need to reinvent this whole thing about who does what and when. I love to boss people around at work but at home that doesn’t seem to function so well my husband just looks at me and says: “ Honey, you’re at home now remember.” I could pop him one.

This whole business about emancipation and such is it really there and have times really changed that much? Or is it just an illusion that we gals like to think that we are modern and the men still have the trousers on? I have been contemplating this question for years and still haven’t come up with an answer and probably never will.

We gals must just enjoy life where ever the path takes us.


One thought on “Gal’s day

  1. If you notice when all the “gals” did those things way back when, they also had a nice 5pm cocktail in hand 🙂

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