Need a New Guy??

On Saturday while reading the newspaper I came across the section where guys are looking for gals and thought to myself “I have to read this, but how?
Because with my husband sitting across from me it would be rather difficult and I don’t want him to think that I want to replace him for someone who I read about in the newspaper.

But since it was a sunny day I knew that sooner or later he would go outside and wash the car, and if it was up to me it could be sooner. Then I wouldn’t have to wait soooo long to read this section of the newspaper with all those great guy ads.
It seemed to take ages before he went outside and then he asked me: If everything was ok, because I seemed a bit impatient today as if I wanted to get rid of him?

Do men have a built in App that tells them what gals are thinking?

Anyways, he finally went outside and I could finally finish reading the newspaper and take a closer look at what’s on offer out there in the world of guys.

A couple of agencies had toll-free numbers, so you could save money and others you had to call at your own expense (tight wads).
A lot of guys were older models looking for younger gals not older than 40 and offering them: cash, vacations and maybe more. The maybe more I found a bit vague because that could mean anything and probably not what I think it is.

There was a guy who said he was romantic, played golf and the accordion too. Now that I found really good because my husband can play golf but not the accordion, and this somehow gets me dreaming about being on the golf course with this guy.

The date starts at the first hole and he has teed-off and then I place my ball on the tee and he hands me a rose and my heart starts to flatter and before I have a chance to tee-off he plays a lovely tune on his accordion. This brings goose bumps to my skin and fall in love with him until we reach the 15th hole and he doesn’t have any beer with him for me to enjoy so my whole bubble of love has popped.

Another ad states that the guy is romantic, likes good food and no conversation.

How that works don’t ask me and I would not want a date with him either. I can see it now. I show up at his place he says to me you can cook and he sits there and watches some stupid program on TV and I end up eating what I cooked myself because he is busy texting his friends that he has got some chick at his place to cook for him. I like to talk and so that relationship would not work out for me.

The final ad was for a guy who owned a company and the chick could work for him as a “girl Friday”, and it is written in black & white: She by no means is to live at his place!!!

He is a real character and seems to have a one track mind wanting to boss others around and to top it off; I have to have my own place!! He’s got nerve…..

After reading all those ads I started to look out the window at my husband washing our car and thought -> he really isn’t such a bad guy after all when I compare him to the guys in the newspaper.

Plus an afterthought is that I have no idea whether or not the guys have even written the truth in the newspaper or is everything exaggerated so that all single gals will fall for them?

Who knows and who cares. All I can say if you want some good reading in the newspaper by all means read this section!!


2 thoughts on “Need a New Guy??

  1. Too funny.. My best gal friend and I spent an evening looking at the things men post on this dating website..we laughed so hard and agreed, Nope never will we enroll there but it was good for some laughs!

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