To short for the bank?

I always believed that it would never harm you to put a bit of your money where you can’t reach it but what I didn’t think was that a bank in some European city literally did it.

I am like everyone else and sooner or later I need a bit of cash so that I can make some necessary purchases such as shoes, handbags and maybe once in a while some groceries, but what I didn’t know was that if you are under a certain height of at least 6 feet you can’t withdraw any money from your account.

I feel somehow that those folks at the bank wouldn’t want me to make any withdrawals because I am shorter than 6 feet tall so therefore disqualify for withdrawing money from my account.

But what they didn’t reckon with was that just because the ATM is 6 feet off the ground in the side of the wall at the bank was that as a gal like me who owns a large handbag has her trusty fold up ladder with her for any situation.
All I have to do is go to the bank open my handbag and get out my ladder and join it together (similar system to tent poles) and lean it against the wall and climb up it and place my card in the machine and presto out pops my money.

Though there are some problems at this bank because maybe some gal customers forgot their handbag fold-up ladder, but if you open up a new account with them you will get one when you make an initial deposit of $100.00.
So no worries!!

Guys on the other hand may want to try the mountain climbing method because it’s easier to carry around some carabiners then a fold-up ladder unless they have their briefcase ladder with them. The briefcase ladder functions the same way as the handbag model. But for the mountain climbers there’s already rope on the wall so you just need to bring your own carabiners with you. These you can stuff in your pocket before you go to the bank.

So plan ahead before you make your next cash withdrawal!

What’s really interesting about this bank is that sometimes we all are a bit forgetful and leave our ladder or carabiners at home, so for a small fee of $5.00 a second allowing you to rent either of them, plus you have to sign a rental contract first just in case you damage either the ladder of carabiners and then you have a $60.00 users deposit and only get it back when you return the ladder or carabiners back undamaged. Also, the rental fee and deposit is automatically booked directly from your account so you don’t have to withdraw any extra cash to cover the rental fee.
But if you are a bit strapped for cash then they will under no terms let you use their ladder or carabiners. But there may be someone nice by the machine outside and let you use theirs, so I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

If the weather is bad then you should really plan your trip to the bank because there’s nothing worse than a torrential rain storm and you realize that you need cash!!

There you stand in the rain putting your ladder together or trying the get your carabiners out and getting soaking wet at the same time. My advice is: Either have your ladder or carabiners ready and your rain coat on or postpone you trip until it stops raining if you can.
Plus it’s better if you go to the bank with a friend because this way one of you can hold the ladder while the other does their banking transactions.

Also, the ATM accepts coins too, so if you want to deposit them into your account you can do so. But don’t let them fall out of your hand because you will have to chase them everywhere and I am not sure if everyone standing in line with their ladders are honest. So take heed when doing that!

So next time you realize that you have to go to the bank -> Don’t forget your ladder or else no money for the weekend!


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