National Coffee day

Well, being it national coffee day I couldn’t forget to write a bit about my favorite drink…. Coffee!

I am so glad that there is a day to celebrate that great beverage and makes me just want to drink more. Remember years ago before all those coffee shops opened up there was only a choice of decaf or normal coffee and that was with or without milk or sugar.  Those were the good’ol coffee days.

Now-a-days coffee isn’t like it used to be with all the blends and flavors that you can buy or all the sorts that you can buy in those coffee shops. Who ever dreamed years ago that coffee would become such a great beverage and everywhere you look you see someone holding a coffee in their hand. The wonders of coffee….

The ways of making coffee has changed too through the years from the stove top percolator moving onto the electric coffee machine to the espresso machine and then to the more advanced systems that are around today… the wonders of a great cup of coffee.

 I remember my mom with her percolator set on the stove and waiting patiently for the water to start to boil and then it started to perk the coffee.. Wow the kitchen always smelt sooo good when she was making coffee and that smell definitely cannot be replaced by the machine with capsules, but then again convince has taken over and I wonder can you still buy percolators????  Anyone know?   

So being it national coffee day …. Enjoy your coffee wherever you are!

Groceries & Divorce

Well, I never thought the day would come when I could make a quick trip to the grocery store and buy my groceries and plan for my divorce at the same time.  Modern society at its finest!!!

These days anything thing is possible and when your strapped for cash or just want to save a couple of bucks then I guess grocery store divorce is the upcoming thing. How it works seems a bit vague and I am not sure if I want to buy some veggies and other items and make a quick stop at the isle offering divorces in cereal boxes (just a joke). But I am glad that my guy still likes me and that as far as I know hasn’t popped out behind my back and bought one of those boxes. Maybe I should check out his tool box in the garage to be on the safe side of things and if I find a box then I can rush out after and pick-up a box at my local grocery store. I am getting nervous here at that thought ….help!!!

Normally, all marriages go through a turbulent period sooner or later- later ….. But then I guess if you picked out the wrong guy or gal then just get your box out and go for the divorce. Though I do wonder what strings are attached to a cereal box divorce and it could be you cannot use it unless you can prove that you met your partner in a grocery store.  And that could be tricky because maybe the grocery store has shut down and then what ??? Sorry no divorce you just have to stick it out with each other until death do us part.  That could be a nerve racking experience for both parties then.

But like always there are grocery stores offering you all sorts of deals and maybe divorces are one of them. For instance- buy one divorce box and get the second free or save 20 box tops and send them in for a free divorce kit.

But then again it could be clip out the coupon and get $5.00 refund on your next divorce kit purchase.  The possibilities are endless here….. I better start saving the right coupons just in case!

And another question lingering in my brain is where do you send the papers too and is it legally binding? Those are good questions – or not?

I wouldn’t want to have bought the wrong divorce box only to find out – sorry you bought the wrong brand of divorce!! We only accept brand names and not generic copies….. There goes your divorce down the drain, and many tears and nerves are not saved.

Anyways, enough of the divorce issue. I like my guy and plan to stick it out with him for a couple of more years and I hope he feels the same way too. And maybe you are lucky enough to have found the right person and won’t need to buy the divorce box either!

Life and my Laptop Computer

 Laptops are great things and we can take them with us wherever we go and stay in contact with the world and tell everyone what we are up to. Ok, that is if you have access to the world and if not well you are left high and dry and have no idea about what is going on or no one can contact you.

 I am so happy that I am always reachable 24/7 and that way I won’t miss out on any new news from friends and family!!    I’m an online junky

When I was a kid we never dreamed that it would be possible to communicate with someone on the other side of the world and get an answer from them in a minute. Back then …… oh soooooo long ago; I got out some paper and my trusty pen (what’s a pen? Wasn’t that the thing made out of metal and had some ink in it….) and actually wrote something and then stuck it in an envelope went to the post office bought a stamp and sent it off… waited awhile and maybe got an answer.  I miss the paper.

It was always so nice to open up my mail box and there inside was a letter or card from someone who had thought of me and I could sit down and hold the letter in my hand and read it and save it. It was so personal and not like the electronic post that is impersonal ..ok, there are many positive aspects to electronic post but one thing it cannot replace is a hand written letter .

My laptop lets me read the newspapers around the world in any language I want as long as I can understand it.  And years ago I was happy with the local newspaper that was delivered to my doorstep every morning rain or shine. Oh how my laptop has changed my life.

My laptop lets me communicate with people all over the world and I have never met them in person and probable never will either. But somehow everyone wants to communicate with each other and so you can have millions of friends…. Hopefully nice friends! Or you can show the world all your photos too. Not like back in the olden days where you could only show a limited number of people your photos.  Oh how times have changed!!!!!

My laptop is like a faithful companion and without it I am nothing and have nothing to say to others when they say “Did you see/ read….. on the internet?”  There I would be cut off from the world and have to say…. “ No, because I don’t have a laptop or internet.” I am sunk!!!

So, I have come to the conclusion (no scientist involved) that without my trusty laptop my world is limited, but I can still enjoy myself without it too.

Try a laptop free day.. It can be fun!

Living in a Happy City?

 Well, they have measured the happiness of some people in cities in a certain section of the world and have been able to come to the conclusion that in certain cities people are happier then those living in other cities. WELL, WELL, WELL …. What should we do then??

I noted that my city wasn’t listed or maybe that was because I live in a town and town folks aren’t as happy as city folks or is it the other way around?  Plus, I wonder if everyone happy in those so called happy cities are really happy? I need to ask around and see what those folks say there.

But this whole topic did get me thinking and so I checked the newspaper to see what house costs in the happy cities and of course as luck would have it they are a tad more expensive then where I am living. I want to live in a happy city…… I am happy!!

I can see it now this evening when my guy comes home from work and I have to break the bad news to him that we are not living in a happy area. I am sure he will explode on the spot and say “Honey, we have to move by the end of the week.”  Because I know my guy likes to be happy on the weekend… no grumps at our place!

And to top things off; one of my friends lives in one of those happy cities and didn’t know it until I called her and told her the good news. Though I will admit that she didn’t sound too happy about the news and said that she didn’t feel as happy as the survey said she should feel. 

This happiness stuff is a bit much and how do you really measure people’s happiness in a city? Good question, eh???

This happiness issue got me to thinking and I came up with a little list:

  1. I own lots of stuff: car, boat, house, TV, etc – I am happy because I have lots of materialistic stuff….
  2. I like my life at least at the moment  and I get along with my guy( a definite plus point for happiness
  3. I am in good health – they say this plays an important role in mental well being. Or has that changed too??
  4. I love my family – as long as everyone is happy and not in a bad mood and don’t want to argue about something!

But I think there’s an easier answer and we don’t need to read it in a survey about which city has the happiest people based on possessions or the likes.

The answer is easy …. Be happy wherever you are.

What month is it?


What month is it is a good question? It’s only the beginning of September and there are already Christmas cookies and the lot in grocery stores.  Some retailers have lost track of time again and are trying to push us into the Christmas season whether we like it or not.

What happened to Halloween or Thanksgiving? Or have the just been erased from the calendar and we jump right to Christmas regardless of what calendar month it is?

I am a person who likes Christmas cookies and candy when the Christmas season is really there. And what about toddlers or small kids who may still believe in Santa Claus and then they go to the grocery store with their parents and see Christmas cookies and the lot.  I would think the poor kids get confused and then their parents have to think of something to say to calm the child down and convince them that they have to wait a couple of months before the jolly old man in the red suit comes down the chimney.

Though I guess in this fast paced world things have to go faster, seasons fly by in a blink of the eye and the year goes by in 2 weeks……  There seems to be a lack of enjoying each season as it comes and so everything is going faster and faster. When is this acceleration of seasons going to stop? Life now-a-days is so fast paced that you have no time to really enjoy the seasons and the celebrations like in the past.

I can see it now in September:

  1. Buy my turkey – will be served on the 30th of September – hope all my family and friends have time or else I will scream!
  2. Set up my artificial Christmas tree and decorate it on the coming weekend – Don’t want to get left behind now and maybe buy a bit of artificial snow to give the whole thing the right touch.
  3. Decorate my house – inside & out – then I’ll be the first on my block and am ready for what’s to come… I love Christmas in September!!
  4. Get those Christmas CD’S out – I need the right music now to because it’s a tad too warm outside at the moment.
  5. I am ready for Christmas and it can come now ….. I am relieved that I could manage all this and now I am not stressed!!

So, then by the time the real Christmas comes I can then put all that stuff away in the attic and get out my Easter bunny decorations , and so this way I am always on the ball , and am keeping abreast of the latest seasonal retail items that I’ll find in the grocery store or someplace else.  Wow, I think this will be a turning point in my life this year, because now I know what to do.

We need to take time to enjoy each season as it comes and not get carried away on the retail bandwagon of trying to convince us that we need Christmas food and such now.

Maple syrup goes astray


Bad news for lovers of real maple syrup! I read somewhere in the world that thieves have stolen thousands of liters of maple syrup. How can anyone in their right mind do such a horrific thing so that all the maple syrup lovers of the world could possible not have enough maple syrup for their pancakes or French toast? Bring back that syrup!!!!!

This really makes me feel bad because I love maple syrup and don’t want to do without the real thing. Artificial syrup just doesn’t cut the cake and tastes terrible if you ask me. I wonder what those thieves are going to do with all that syrup. Have a giant pancake party and invite the world or are they planning on doing something else with it???

It’s a really sad day when those things happen were people steel our beloved maple syrup. Why those guys could just…

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