Groceries & Divorce

Well, I never thought the day would come when I could make a quick trip to the grocery store and buy my groceries and plan for my divorce at the same time.  Modern society at its finest!!!

These days anything thing is possible and when your strapped for cash or just want to save a couple of bucks then I guess grocery store divorce is the upcoming thing. How it works seems a bit vague and I am not sure if I want to buy some veggies and other items and make a quick stop at the isle offering divorces in cereal boxes (just a joke). But I am glad that my guy still likes me and that as far as I know hasn’t popped out behind my back and bought one of those boxes. Maybe I should check out his tool box in the garage to be on the safe side of things and if I find a box then I can rush out after and pick-up a box at my local grocery store. I am getting nervous here at that thought ….help!!!

Normally, all marriages go through a turbulent period sooner or later- later ….. But then I guess if you picked out the wrong guy or gal then just get your box out and go for the divorce. Though I do wonder what strings are attached to a cereal box divorce and it could be you cannot use it unless you can prove that you met your partner in a grocery store.  And that could be tricky because maybe the grocery store has shut down and then what ??? Sorry no divorce you just have to stick it out with each other until death do us part.  That could be a nerve racking experience for both parties then.

But like always there are grocery stores offering you all sorts of deals and maybe divorces are one of them. For instance- buy one divorce box and get the second free or save 20 box tops and send them in for a free divorce kit.

But then again it could be clip out the coupon and get $5.00 refund on your next divorce kit purchase.  The possibilities are endless here….. I better start saving the right coupons just in case!

And another question lingering in my brain is where do you send the papers too and is it legally binding? Those are good questions – or not?

I wouldn’t want to have bought the wrong divorce box only to find out – sorry you bought the wrong brand of divorce!! We only accept brand names and not generic copies….. There goes your divorce down the drain, and many tears and nerves are not saved.

Anyways, enough of the divorce issue. I like my guy and plan to stick it out with him for a couple of more years and I hope he feels the same way too. And maybe you are lucky enough to have found the right person and won’t need to buy the divorce box either!

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