Looking Good & Feeling Good

It is always a surprise to read that there is more to life for women then just hanging around the house or going to the office. Thank goodness I say because without looking and feeling good life would be a horror trip for me!!

Now it is said that we gals have finally said what makes us feel good or look good. I know the little things in life are important but all the other stuff that I didn’t know about really was an eye opener for me.

So I got on the phone right away to my other gal friends to organize that we meet-up for a coffee and talk about this. Some of my friends hadn’t heard about this so they were very thankful that I brought this too their attention and like life can be my guy didn’t understand this looking and feeling good stuff because in his eyes we gals are always preoccupied with those thoughts…… ok, maybe a bit but not 100% of the time.

My thoughts are on great things like handbags, shoes and a good cup of coffee! What more does a gal need for a good life??? Please don’t answer that question, ok?

While talking to my friends we decided to list some of the things and of course add our comments to them because I think those seemed to be forgotten when they printed the article.

1. Finding a bargain – I feel good right-a-way and want to show the world that I saved money but it only took me 5 hours of my time to save that money…. Savings… where???

2. A person you don’t know giving you a compliment – it depends on the person doesn’t it and what the complement was? Nothing worse than a complement that isn’t true and only said because the person just wants to talk to you… Bad move!!

3. Having comfortable underwear on – defiantly not romantic but hey who can see what I am wearing under my clothes… or do I have sign on me that says “I’m wearing comfortable underwear today”… defiantly information that we all need!

4. Getting some flowers – Oh that could be like treading on thin ice! Did my guy give me the flowers because he loves me or does he have a bad conscious because he was out with the guys watching the game the other night? What could be the reason – love or guilt??

5. Being told I lost weight – did they forget their glasses and what do they want from me??? Bad advice…….

6. Getting a present – Thank you!! I love gifts as long as it isn’t something useful for the house.

7. Hearing that I look younger than I actually am – good for a couple of minutes but after that I’ve forgotten what they said anyways…. I’m getting old

8. Having sexy underwear on – a sure fire way to scare the daylights out of my guy!!!

9. Being hugged – Ok, if it’s the right person but I don’t want to be hugged by a complete stranger.

After me and my gal friends went through the list we found out that we really weren’t happier or feeling better than before. It just made us think about life more and what is going on in and around us.
I think just enjoy life as best as you can and without all the charts and studies we can be happy and feel good too.

2 thoughts on “Looking Good & Feeling Good

  1. Loved your list.. and have to agree.. to heck with stats and charts, what matters is what makes us Happy!!

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