A Daily Dose of Problems & Worries

Who ever thought that there would be so many problems and worries when we get older?? Most of us never expected that, because when I look back at my childhood I only have carefree memories of playing with friends, doing all sorts of great things with my parents and going to school to prepare me for life…. I never had a worry in the world, and I am sure I am not speaking for myself here either.

Life was simply great as a kid for me!!!

Nowadays, so many people are confronted with mounting daily problems that they just don’t know where to look. The worst is they lose their jobs and have no income which makes them worry about “ How can I make ends meet?” And there is where both problems and worries collide with each other….. How sad

How can I pay my mortgage or rent?

How can I make my monthly car payment?

How can I pay my telephone bill?

How can I pay my electricity bill?

Will I have enough money left for buying groceries?

And that list could be endless if I kept writing, but I thought I would stop there. Those thoughts could really make one really worry and drive a person into the ruins; a state that no one may have dreamed of in their whole life…… How sad

We were brought up to follow our dreams and they would come true… but with problems and worries people tend to be more realistic and throw their dreams away. It is sort of like sitting in a bathtub and the water is going down the drain and you can’t find the stopper fast enough to stop the water from going down the drain…. How sad

Will there ever be a day without problems and worries where we can all sit back and enjoy life like it was one time before when the days were always sunny and life was so carefree…. I hope so and so never give up believing in yourself and somewhere behind that dark cloud will be the sunshine that you are looking for.