Cellulite and Fake Tans

Gals you cannot believe it ,but I read the other day that with a fake tan my cellulite disappears… Now how this works I can only guess????

The questions are just bouncing around my brain “Cellulite and Fake Tans”??? And the worse part is, is that my brain cannot answer the question… I’m getting old!!

But as a gal I don’t give-up so quickly and the idea that my skin will have an orange hue to it along with no cellulite is an interesting thought, I think…. Believe it or not?

So, I decided to pop-out to my local drug store and check out all those fake tanning products and believe me there were plenty to choose from. What I noticed while I was standing there looking at all those fake tanning products and when I picked one up to read how to use it; the print seemed to have gotten smaller. I mean really now “What is that supposed to be with the small print?” There on the back of the bottle in micro-mini print was how to use it.

I think I need a microscope to read what is written, otherwise I have no idea what is written there. I went to get myself one of those shopping trollies with a magnifying glass.. I felt like a jerk, but I wanted to read what was written on the bottle.

There before my eyes was written on the bottle was that this product will give you the feeling that you don’t have anymore cellulite.

This stuff is exactly what I need and so I bought 2 bottles of fake tanning products, which almost bankrupted me at the same time after paying $75.00, but hey I want to look young and with a suntan without the sun.

Once home I rushed into the bathroom and took a shower and was going to apply the fake tanning gel to my skin when I noticed that in the small print it said “Try this product on a small spot of skin before applying it to your whole body.”…. Who follows those instructions????? Not me!!

Though I did have some worries about stripes from not applying the product correctly.

Once finished I should wait a bit and then my instant fake tan will/would appear…. So, with my trusty cup of coffee in my hand I waited it out and kept an eye on my cellulite to see if it would disappear…. No luck so far after 2 hours, just an orange colored hue which didn’t do much for my looks….

I looked more like I dunked myself into an orange colored bath, like you would color an Easter egg. Thank goodness in these times; I don’t or shouldn’t leave the house so that none of my friends or the people at work will/would see me. Because if they did it would be an OMG moment to say the least!!!

Just imagine I go to work and ask my PA to do something for me and she see’s me with my orange hue skin color….. The rest is history!

My cellulite is still there, My skin has an orange color hue to it and I am still at home. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem/ say they will be….. That’s life!

Tomorrow’s the day

Tomorrow’s the day where the commercial sector promotes its products that should express love.
This can set you back a couple of dollars / Euros / pounds (which ever part of the world you live in) if you don’t watch out! What is with this day that makes it so special?

I can remember back in elementary school where we all had to exchange valentine’s cards with each other and see who could collect the most. I must say I didn’t do bad back then but I was by no means the winner nor did I want to be either. I could never understand why I had to send all my fellow class mates a card and write on back of it – love, and my name. I really didn’t love anyone in my class; sure I had friends but to be in love with them that was asking a bit much of me. The teacher saw it as a lesson for us to learn to love. I saw it as a waste of my time writing on back of all those 25 cards and the only good thing about the whole thing was is that we had a little party in class, and so we could eat cake and cookies – now that was great!!

Today as an adult this day has seemingly changed in its proportions and what one expects or wishes based on the influence of consumerism. Really now, just think about it a moment- is my partner going to like me better when I buy him a new tie ( he got one for Christmas), or aftershave ( he got that for Christmas too) – these are some of the not so expensive gifts.
Or do I have to top this to show him that I love him? According to social pressure put on me by consumer advertising I need to go out now and buy him something of substantial value (This I see as measuring love of your bank account not the person) Actually, maybe a new car or boat would do the trick, but again I feel he wouldn’t be content with such a gift. Thus putting me in a dilemma and that I don’t want!

But as I see it I am sure I will come up with something that he will like and enjoy without me going bankrupt, and at the same time showing him that my heart is in the right spot.

I am sure that everyone else knows too what they want to do or give that special person tomorrow. But always remember it‘s the thought that counts and not the price!