Have to be Happy?

Now here’s an eye opener. The happiness agency; how this operates I have no idea but I am sure that it will bring happiness to hundreds of people who visit it – hopefully ??????
Sure happiness is many different things and we all have different ideas as to how we are happy or will be happy. But an agency to help me be happy …. WOW!!! How can they do that???

Here it is: I am standing there with my number ( very important… don’t want to butt- ahead of anyone would I?) dreaming of how I will be happier.. I am happy or at least I thought I was, but then again I may be side tracked with my happiness thoughts and not have the right kind of happy thoughts.

What makes me and my guy happy??? Well lots of things my list could circle globe if I wrote them all down. Isn’t the saying” it’s the simple things in life that make us happy”. Ok, that is passé´- the thought we need is to be modern up-to-date and keep with the times no more old fashioned happy thoughts about simple things….. I need modern thinking, so what is modern happiness???

After pondering a bit on this questions and phoning around to a couple of my gal friends we came up with some ideas… ok, it’s our point of view and not the rest of the worlds view, but then again I haven’t the time to question everyone. So, sorry when I didn’t ask you, and please don’t be upset with me. Thank you!

Modern happiness could be:

1. Having a new cell phone so I can contact the world and be online to tell everyone that I just bought my phone…. Happiness – for how long???

2. New shoes – wow they look good and I only spent a month’s salary on them, but I’m worth it… Aren’t I or did I have some bills to pay???

3. A vacation …. Now that can bring happiness but it only lasts as long as no one gets into argument, but otherwise we’re having a great time… I am happy!!!

4. New watch – as long as one of my friends don’t go out and buy a more expensive model then I have… Then I’m not happy

5. New handbag – Life at its best for a gal and nothing can hold her back as long as she is carrying her new handbag with her or until an acquaintance buys an up-graded model! Life can be so painful when it comes to handbags….

It seems modern happiness is only attached to buying stuff and not to the inner happiness that we once knew or has that disappeared somehow through the years? I think it’s important to be happy but I don’t need an agency to help me be happy. I can be happy myself and I bet those other people could be too, if they wanted to and made an effort; instead of worrying about how can I spend my money and then I will be happy.

Have a happy day and remember it doesn’t cost a cent to smile…. That’s what so great about them!!!

Looking Good & Feeling Good

It is always a surprise to read that there is more to life for women then just hanging around the house or going to the office. Thank goodness I say because without looking and feeling good life would be a horror trip for me!!

Now it is said that we gals have finally said what makes us feel good or look good. I know the little things in life are important but all the other stuff that I didn’t know about really was an eye opener for me.

So I got on the phone right away to my other gal friends to organize that we meet-up for a coffee and talk about this. Some of my friends hadn’t heard about this so they were very thankful that I brought this too their attention and like life can be my guy didn’t understand this looking and feeling good stuff because in his eyes we gals are always preoccupied with those thoughts…… ok, maybe a bit but not 100% of the time.

My thoughts are on great things like handbags, shoes and a good cup of coffee! What more does a gal need for a good life??? Please don’t answer that question, ok?

While talking to my friends we decided to list some of the things and of course add our comments to them because I think those seemed to be forgotten when they printed the article.

1. Finding a bargain – I feel good right-a-way and want to show the world that I saved money but it only took me 5 hours of my time to save that money…. Savings… where???

2. A person you don’t know giving you a compliment – it depends on the person doesn’t it and what the complement was? Nothing worse than a complement that isn’t true and only said because the person just wants to talk to you… Bad move!!

3. Having comfortable underwear on – defiantly not romantic but hey who can see what I am wearing under my clothes… or do I have sign on me that says “I’m wearing comfortable underwear today”… defiantly information that we all need!

4. Getting some flowers – Oh that could be like treading on thin ice! Did my guy give me the flowers because he loves me or does he have a bad conscious because he was out with the guys watching the game the other night? What could be the reason – love or guilt??

5. Being told I lost weight – did they forget their glasses and what do they want from me??? Bad advice…….

6. Getting a present – Thank you!! I love gifts as long as it isn’t something useful for the house.

7. Hearing that I look younger than I actually am – good for a couple of minutes but after that I’ve forgotten what they said anyways…. I’m getting old

8. Having sexy underwear on – a sure fire way to scare the daylights out of my guy!!!

9. Being hugged – Ok, if it’s the right person but I don’t want to be hugged by a complete stranger.

After me and my gal friends went through the list we found out that we really weren’t happier or feeling better than before. It just made us think about life more and what is going on in and around us.
I think just enjoy life as best as you can and without all the charts and studies we can be happy and feel good too.


This is a disease like the handbag disease. You can’t seem to have enough of them but thank goodness there are 4 seasons, so this gives us gals a chance to as I like to put it: „acquiring what I need for the new season”, because then I don’t have to feel so guilty about my wonderful new pair of shoes that I bought but maybe really didn’t need. I don’t want to be caught with a pair of past season shoes on – oh what a horrendous thought that makes me shiver, because every passerby would point down to my feet and say:” She has a pair of shoes on from last year.” I could scream!

Though those sneaky shoe manufactures always like to pull a fast one on us when the season is in full swing by adding a couple of new styles which make life difficult because you just bought a new pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago. These are the perils of life.

Let’s start with winter: It’s cold outside so we need something warm & stylish on our feet. The choice of winter boots is amazing!
You have the practical sort which do actually keep your feet warm but don’t do much in the way of making you look good. But it’s a must have in every household. Then there are the more stylish sorts, not really there to keep your feet warm but they look so goooood on! These babies can be dangerous if there’s a lot of snow and it’s slippery – you could sprain your ankle or something like that because the heels are so high. The main thing here is fashion and who cares about cold feet or spraining your ankle?
At least I don’t think about it. My only concern is a great looking pair of winter boots! And I am sure many of you think the same way too.

Springtime: The weather is warming up and we can shed our winter boots and say good-bye to those trusted soles, and move on to the pumps, high heels, sneakers or whatever your style is. But this means a new pair or pairs (depending on your storage space at home) for this season. And naturally, 1 pair for just wandering around in and a couple more for the just in case occasion. Always be prepared is my motto -> You never know you may get asked out unexpectedly and you don’t want to be caught short without the right shoes that match the handbag that you bought last month. The thought of those things not being color coordinated is like committing a crime because everyone’s eyes are focused on your handbag and shoes. I am feeling stressed out even before being asked out.

Summertime: This is a very stressful time when it comes to buying shoes because I always feel I need at least 20 pairs for every temperature range and to match what I am going to wear that day. Then like always; as you all know there’s a new model just around the corner creating a strain on our pocketbooks. But you need it because it matches that new dress you bought the other day. I mean really can you image wearing the sandals that matched the blue dress with the new dress that you just bought??? I can’t because that is a definite no go and all your friends will point down at your feet and say: “You should have bought a pair of sandals to go with the dress too, because we all do that.” This is like being pointed out as the odd one out.

Then comes fall and the cool weather meaning we are heading towards the winter cycle and this means out again to the shoe store for the newest model. I feel broke already just writing this here and spring hasn’t even started.

I think women were born with a special gene inside us especially programmed to buy handbags and shoes because without these two wonderful accessories life wouldn’t be so meaningful. What is it that attracts us to these two items and that we have to have them?
And that we fill our closets with these things and sometimes never even wearing the shoes or using the handbag. But you can say what you want about that last sentence, it does look good when you open the door to your closet and there staring at you all those lovely pairs of shoes and next to them all those lovely handbags.
It’s a feeling that can warm your heart!

Remember don’t forget to make room for the coming season and gently say good-bye to the winter boots that you so loving wore.