Come and Gone….

It was here as quick as it was over with a blink of an eye…… It was Christmas and another blink, and it was over…….
We spend sooooooo much time preparing for a couple of hours of togetherness and then Christmas is here and a couple of hours later it is over with only memories, some photos and presents left-over for us to look at and hopefully for everyone a happy memory of those hours.

Before Christmas this year I was looking around at the people only to see faces that seemed stressed-out and no smiles (where have the smiles gone???). Somehow, my childhood memories seem to be filled with more people smiling when I was out and about…… Whether that is true or not; I can’t say, but it seemed so and was nice to see.
Please world don’t forget how to smile because it is something that doesn’t cost anything and is so nice to see.

Now everyone is getting ready for the next round of action…. New Years eve and then there you have it; not only has Christmas come and gone, but a year too.

Though before that happens there is still time to enjoy the last days of this year and that is what we should do and, so enjoy the last days of this year and have a happy and healthy New Year 2016!

Timepiece of Happiness

Yes there was a time when we could simply be happy and didn’t need to be told that we were happy but nowadays… How the heck do I know if I am happy or not???? A couple of years back there was the mood ring where the stone changed its color so I knew if I was happy or what and the ring changed color too because I wore it too much and my finger turned green and not from envy.

Then there was the mood glasses too, they helped put the world in a rosy perspective, so to say, but they didn’t let me know if I was happy or not and not knowing that simple fact is somewhat disturbing, if you ask me…… Don’t ask!

But now I feel saved because there is a watch coming onto the market that will save me thinking and will just let me know if I am happy or not………..

Hummmm, I think I feel happy, but better check or else I won’t know and will be left in the dark wondering if I am happy or not???? Now that is a load taken off my shoulders… Not that I was worried about being happy or knowing if I was. The thought never crossed my mind before, but now with a watch to tell me if I am happy or not… Life couldn’t be easier and I can tell everyone after a quick glance at my watch if I am happy or not…

So, everyone out there just a warning; if you didn’t get a chance to look at my watch before seeing my face, be careful because it used to be that the facial expression gave a clue as to what mood the person is/was in. So, if you see a somewhat up-set look on my face steer clear because it means that I am in a bad mood, otherwise I am in a good mood and you can see this without looking at my watch or me looking at my watch either……. A plain simple fact!!! I bet you didn’t know that….

Then again, like the article mentioned I can wear the watch to bed and it monitors how I sleep if I move around in my sleep and how long I have slept…… I feel worn out just thinking about all that and then after trying to fall asleep not move too much, feel happy, have happy dreams and so forth….
Though when I wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep I can inform everyone that I slept happily, am well rested and now happily awaiting the day to start… Where’s my coffee??? Or else I am in a bad mood…… No watch needed for this bit of information!!

Plus, to compare myself to friends….. OMG!!! There we go the start of ruining my friendship with friends and we are all comparing our happiness, sleeping habits and so on. I am not too sure doing that would be a good idea and what happens when one of us is happier than the other??? Wouldn’t it be a bit show-offy if I went around to my friends and said “Hey, look at how happy I am.” Okay, that is theory. But if they said that they were happier than me……Now what????

And to top it off… it will give me tips on how to change my lifestyle….. How does the watch know how I live and whether I eat healthy or not??? I like my lifestyle and I think I can think for myself and that wearing a happiness watch along with my normal watch would be a tad too much, but then again I would know if I was happy or not…… Even thought I have to buy my happiness watch to know that I am happy, but hey, to know I am happy is worth every cent!! Or ?????

Have a happy Friday

Have to be Happy?

Now here’s an eye opener. The happiness agency; how this operates I have no idea but I am sure that it will bring happiness to hundreds of people who visit it – hopefully ??????
Sure happiness is many different things and we all have different ideas as to how we are happy or will be happy. But an agency to help me be happy …. WOW!!! How can they do that???

Here it is: I am standing there with my number ( very important… don’t want to butt- ahead of anyone would I?) dreaming of how I will be happier.. I am happy or at least I thought I was, but then again I may be side tracked with my happiness thoughts and not have the right kind of happy thoughts.

What makes me and my guy happy??? Well lots of things my list could circle globe if I wrote them all down. Isn’t the saying” it’s the simple things in life that make us happy”. Ok, that is passé´- the thought we need is to be modern up-to-date and keep with the times no more old fashioned happy thoughts about simple things….. I need modern thinking, so what is modern happiness???

After pondering a bit on this questions and phoning around to a couple of my gal friends we came up with some ideas… ok, it’s our point of view and not the rest of the worlds view, but then again I haven’t the time to question everyone. So, sorry when I didn’t ask you, and please don’t be upset with me. Thank you!

Modern happiness could be:

1. Having a new cell phone so I can contact the world and be online to tell everyone that I just bought my phone…. Happiness – for how long???

2. New shoes – wow they look good and I only spent a month’s salary on them, but I’m worth it… Aren’t I or did I have some bills to pay???

3. A vacation …. Now that can bring happiness but it only lasts as long as no one gets into argument, but otherwise we’re having a great time… I am happy!!!

4. New watch – as long as one of my friends don’t go out and buy a more expensive model then I have… Then I’m not happy

5. New handbag – Life at its best for a gal and nothing can hold her back as long as she is carrying her new handbag with her or until an acquaintance buys an up-graded model! Life can be so painful when it comes to handbags….

It seems modern happiness is only attached to buying stuff and not to the inner happiness that we once knew or has that disappeared somehow through the years? I think it’s important to be happy but I don’t need an agency to help me be happy. I can be happy myself and I bet those other people could be too, if they wanted to and made an effort; instead of worrying about how can I spend my money and then I will be happy.

Have a happy day and remember it doesn’t cost a cent to smile…. That’s what so great about them!!!

Perfect times – are they lost?

Perfect times seem to be a thing of the past. I got thinking-I can still do that; an amazing fact!!! About how it was when I was I kid. Life seemed sooooo perfect and the books we read or the TV shows we watched were full of happy people and there was never violence. Those were happy times!!!

What sparked this off was an old TV show that I saw on TV the other day; depicting the happy family. You may remember – Mom stayed home and cooked and was always perfectly groomed and smiling no matter what happened – Are mom’s like that today???
The kids were clean and happy and never complained. Dad was happy too and came home in the evening with a smile on his face as if he just had the best day in his life…. Maybe he did and we just don’t know what he was up too??? I don’t want to ruin the perfectness here… so the dad had a great day at work and is plain old happy!!!

Then there was the great book with Dick & Jane and their dog Spot – that book taught me to read and everyone depicted in the book was happy even the mom & dad. Happiness never seemed to stop. It was everywhere you turned and I was happy too, and didn’t know any better. Life was full of happiness.

I can’t remember as a kid my parents even arguing…. They were happy too, ok- they got upset with me once in a while or our dog but those were only trivial setbacks as I see it now. But back then that meant the end of the world, if I got in trouble!!!

Somehow through the years people stopped being so happy on TV and the people around me don’t seem as happy as they were years ago either. What has happened to being happy?????? Or has the world changed soooo much that people have forgotten what it is like to be happy.

Sometimes I wish for those carefree and happy days of the past again, because people seemed more relaxed and not always in a hurry or worrying about the latest up-date on their social network or some other device that distracts us, so that we have no time to relax and enjoy life.

It would be great to see more content & happy people around – and not in the superficial sense either. Will those sort of days ever come back or are they lost forever??????????

Seasons Greetings

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have decide to follow my blog and also all those folks out there for reading it.

So, with this little post I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. And health & lots of happiness and success for the New Year 2013 too!

Enjoy your holiday season where ever you are in the world.

Seasons greetings to all,


Living in a Happy City?

 Well, they have measured the happiness of some people in cities in a certain section of the world and have been able to come to the conclusion that in certain cities people are happier then those living in other cities. WELL, WELL, WELL …. What should we do then??

I noted that my city wasn’t listed or maybe that was because I live in a town and town folks aren’t as happy as city folks or is it the other way around?  Plus, I wonder if everyone happy in those so called happy cities are really happy? I need to ask around and see what those folks say there.

But this whole topic did get me thinking and so I checked the newspaper to see what house costs in the happy cities and of course as luck would have it they are a tad more expensive then where I am living. I want to live in a happy city…… I am happy!!

I can see it now this evening when my guy comes home from work and I have to break the bad news to him that we are not living in a happy area. I am sure he will explode on the spot and say “Honey, we have to move by the end of the week.”  Because I know my guy likes to be happy on the weekend… no grumps at our place!

And to top things off; one of my friends lives in one of those happy cities and didn’t know it until I called her and told her the good news. Though I will admit that she didn’t sound too happy about the news and said that she didn’t feel as happy as the survey said she should feel. 

This happiness stuff is a bit much and how do you really measure people’s happiness in a city? Good question, eh???

This happiness issue got me to thinking and I came up with a little list:

  1. I own lots of stuff: car, boat, house, TV, etc – I am happy because I have lots of materialistic stuff….
  2. I like my life at least at the moment  and I get along with my guy( a definite plus point for happiness
  3. I am in good health – they say this plays an important role in mental well being. Or has that changed too??
  4. I love my family – as long as everyone is happy and not in a bad mood and don’t want to argue about something!

But I think there’s an easier answer and we don’t need to read it in a survey about which city has the happiest people based on possessions or the likes.

The answer is easy …. Be happy wherever you are.

Time and memories – 1

Remember the times when life seemed so simple and we actually enjoyed things and took the time to admire them too. Things weren’t so disposable and they were built to last not like today – it breaks down, so throw it out and buy a new one.

I remember as a kid that when something of major proportion was bought it was an event! I can say at least in our household it was and I am sure in many others too.

My dad bought my mom a new washing machine and dryer (naturally matching colors)for a present. My mom was enthralled by the thought of this and since we had a huge kitchen; designated a small section for these wonderful appliances that would save her time.
I personally couldn’t get as excited as my mom did, but I was happy for her, and hoped that she would enjoy them.

The big day came and they were delivered and hooked-up; you would have thought royalty were coming to our house with the whirl wind of excitement that was going on.
After the delivery men left my mom stood in front of both appliances and was proud as pie and grinning from ear to ear! She loved those two appliances because I could see it on her face. Maybe some of you can remember those times?

Naturally, after about an hour she was on the phone to all her friends telling them about the wonders of washing and drying.
I must say I was baffled by the whole situation, so I asked my mom ” Why are you making such a fuss about the washing machine and dryer? She answered me with a smile saying:” Dear, you will understand this when you are older.” That was definitely not the answer I had hoped for, but it got me thinking about being an adult and the joys of washing even though I wasn’t too sure that it was a joyous event.

Anyways, a couple of days past and my mom – still bursting with pride about her appliances informed me that all her friends would be coming by tomorrow afternoon for coffee and to have a look at the two new members of our household. To be honest I was a bit jealous because those two appliances seemed to be getting more attention then I did.

The washing machine was huge! The tub in the washing machine was so large that you could take a bath in it and be softened with fabric softener and in the end after that you could hop into the dryer for a spin and come out all dry and shiny. ( Note: I never did this and nor should you because it can do bodily harm.)

The excitement was mounting and my mom cleaned the house and got everything ready for “the day” and then it was there all her friends were gathered in the kitchen admiring those two appliances as if they were new born babies.
My mom showed how each program worked and so forth as if conducting a professional seminar for washing machines, and all the while her friends looked truly amazed at the wonders of washing and wishing they had a machine like my mom’s.

Those gals took time to enjoy the happiness of the other person instead of being jealous because they didn’t have such an appliance.

Though to this day I must admit that now I can understand her answer but still part of me still asks ” What is the joy in the whole process ?”
Can anyone answer this question for me?

So, remember enjoy your new washing machine no matter what and have a party around it because hey
It’s a good excuse to take time for your friends!


Weight is something we all think about and mind you if someone says to you ” I never worry about my weight” , that is the biggest lie of the century!

I have tried many a diet without much success, though the pounds stay off for a while but sooner or later they seem to creep back into my body and place themselves around the hip area – sneaky little devils those calories!

It is said with a balanced diet plenty of exercise (how much is plenty I ask myself?)You will achieve your ideal figure. All I can say here is that’s a load of rubbish!

I have tried endless diet plans, spent a fortune on books or diet supplements and at the end of the day my figure really hasn’t made any remarkable changes. My jeans, skirts, dress etc are still tight and I still have to squeeze myself into an item of clothing even after dieting.
– A losing battle-

Additionally, there are other ways to lose weight and these seem to take on a dimension that could set you back financially. You know what I am talking about?

Taking yourself to the garage for a little maintenance or tuning.
There you will find trained mechanics who can work on your figure honing away at it trying to suck out all those fatty cells with their industrial strength vacuum cleaner or chisel away at some other part of your body leaving you in the end with a whole new look. Also they can replace the parts which have lost their warranty and seem to be wearing out with age.
The wonders of science!

Though I have read that you have to go back regularly for inspection jobs, otherwise you won’t be able to keep your slim figure and your parts may lose their guarantee, so you can’t forget the 50 thousand mile inspection or else you are bound for a breakdown somewhere out there. And that would mean trouble!

I can only speak for myself and say I stay away from those sorts of garages, because I feel I was made the way I am and I accept the fact that gravity and calories take their toll over time. But don’t misunderstand me here; I by no means want to put people down who choose the garage route.

Though once I feel I have lost enough weight it makes me want to go out and buy a new dress and show off my new figure (hopefully ????).

So off to the stores it is looking for that new outfit (everyone has experienced this I am sure). You have found an item maybe a dress and think “ok, let me try this on. It may look good on me?”

So off to the fitting room I go accompanied by a sales assistant who has a figure like a model in one of those fashion magazines. Before I have even tried the dress on I feel a bit over weight after looking at the sales assistant.
But, I don’t let that de-motivate me(I want that dress!) So, I try it on and notice – wow I have to really suck in my stomach to make me look good in it.( How long can I walk around like this; maybe 2 minutes at the most?) But before I have a chance to ask for a larger size (help!!!);the sales assistant says to me: ” That fits you perfect and really shows off your figure”. I think to myself- “Is she nuts? And I don’t want to show the world all my bulges and wobbly bits”.

I say, “sorry but I see this a tad differently than you do. And then I say- Can I try this same dress on in a larger size?” This thought brings tears to my eyes!

The smug little sales assistant trots off with a snickering grin on her face as if saying ” You look like a blimp in that dress, but hey I want the commission, so I’ll say anything to get her to buy it”.

Back she is in a flash with a larger size and it’s too big now. What’s my problem here? I ask myself – it’s either too tight or too large. Now the trusty sales assistant says to me: “This dress defiantly fits you better than the other one”.
I think: „is she blind?” I mean really you could fit two of me in the dress now! I am desperate attempting to think to myself- forget it you don’t need the dress and put my own clothes back on and say „Thank you but I have decided against both dresses.” Then as you all know the sales assistant gives you a look that could kill because she hasn’t made a sale on you. Bad luck honey!

So I make a bee line to another store with no sales assistance. Maybe my luck will be better here? I find that perfect dress and this time I take 3 different sizes into the changing room with me because I don’t want to have to go and find another size after. I try one of them on and think to myself “ you don’t look too bad“, so I step-out of the cabin to inspect myself in front of the large mirror and at the same time there’s another women there my age who says to me “ Don’t you think you’re a bit old for that dress?” I could wring her neck, after months of dieting and feeling great about myself and actually finding a dress that fits I hear that. I think to myself “you don’t look too hot either in what you are trying on”.
I bet many of you know exactly what I mean here. Isn’t it sad how there is always someone out there who manages to break your bubble of happiness.

Enjoy dieting and remember don’t let others break your bubble of happiness!

P.S. I bought the dress and have gotten lots of complements too. So remember don’t always believe what others say when it comes to what you are wearing after you have lost some weight.