Great Stories are Abound

As I was just reading a couple of online newspapers and clicked on the sections with the amazing BUT true life stories about what people- mostly gals have experienced or what they do.
All I can say is that I seem to have a really boring life. I have never experienced such fascinating things and whether it be good or bad; I just seem to be left out and I don’t even have any gal friends who have experienced such things either….. I must have picked out the wrong friends!!!! So friends the sad truth is that I have to trade you in for a new group who are action packed with amazing stories…. I want action in my life!!!

I want action and gossip in my life not some normal everyday conversation about the latest fashion or my new cell phone or other boring topics. There was a gal who was addicted to eating burgers from some fast food restaurant and eats them for every meal. I really don’t know if I could eat soooooo many burgers because I am not a burger fan. Sorry folks!! But it is something to talk about and hey you make the newspaper.

Though the other poor gal who was changing the vacuum cleaner bag on her vacuum and found a pair of underwear from some other chick – Now that’s a reason to be upset with your guy… or?? Or did she place them there herself to get back at her guy for something???? The mystery of a great vacuum story is coming your way, so stay tuned for the vacuum cleaner saga in your area to find out what happens.

But there’s the chick who sold a relative’s house so she could get a lot of money. How she did this isn’t too clear and somehow I don’t think it would be as easy as they presented it. Somehow journalist today seem to have an imagination beyond belief, but then again they need to make a living too, so hey why not write some crazy articles about whatever they think would sell. I read it and had a good laugh.

Then there’s also some lonely gal who shares her place with one of those gray colored pigs. Now that could be a bit of a shocker if she met some guy and she said to him” let’s go back to my place” – there he is sitting in the living room while she is in the kitchen pouring 2 glasses of wine and the poor unsuspecting guy sitting there with other thoughts on his mind and is then confronted with a pig that crept up behind him… Now that could be a real date killer if you ask me!!!! So gals I would suggest forget having a pig as a house pet; just stick to the normal cat or dog to be on the safe side when you want to meet a guy.

Or to top things off the gal who spent all her money on horoscope calls and the other who spent a fortune on clothes… where do all these folks come from????? I have never even met a person who has experienced anything that would come close to all the articles about the goings on in their lives.
I want action and I hope this weekend that I can experience at least one thing that would make my life as moving as those gals in the newspapers. I will keep my eyes peeled and hope for an action packed weekend.

Enjoy your weekend even if you don’t meet such interesting people!

My Horoscope

I was in a real dilemma yesterday and thought if I read my horoscope that would make my day better. Well, as you could image it was just the opposite of that!

I am like all gals when I need good advice and my friends aren’t around then I turn to my horoscope to guide me through my day. I bet I’m not the only person reading them either and I am sure some of you guys take a peek at it too sometimes when you’re feeling a bit questionable about yourself.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was that I bought 2 newspapers to be on the safe side of things and not to be steered in the wrong direction.

The first paper said something like this:

Your horoscope for today says that my success will influence your relationship with the boss-> I am the boss, so what do I do now? Argue with myself about something?

Use the situation to your advantage -> what my dilemma and what situation? Could you please be more precise here?

A small trip will improve my mind -> do those folks think I’m nuts or what? Or are they saying I need a vacation, and who is going to finance my vacation?

Second horoscope: Worse than the first one

When you have finished all the nasty things at work you will feel better -> I am not the wicked witch of the west and what nasty things?

My relationship is a bit stressed and I should work on the climate around me. -> I hope my husband isn’t up to
anything. We left the house on a good note together this morning or am I missing something?????

Somehow my situation didn’t really improve after reading both horoscopes and I thought “now what do I do?”
But then it dawned me to ask someone who had a modern cell phone with a horoscope app, and low and behold I was saved!!

I knew my day would be better now. They pulled out their trusty phone, hit the horoscope app and there in bright green was the horoscope that I was searching for:

Your day will be great and your colleagues will need your advice. Your health is good and your partner will take you out to eat on Friday evening.

Boy, after reading that I was so relieved and could now think straight, and the thought of going out with my husband cheered me up too. I hope we go to a good restaurant…

Did those folks write that horoscope just for me? And if they did I say: Thank You!!!

Those people that dream up those stories day in and day out must get paid good or I hope they do for the pile of rubbish that they write. If I believed all that stuff I would be dead years ago or I would have locked myself in my house never to be seen again.

What’s with those jokers??

Plus what I find amazing is no matter where you are in the world there is always a column in the newspaper with your horoscope. And the imagination that those writers require must be amazing.

I ask here: If any of you newspapers out there need someone to write some crazy horoscopes then please call me, because I think I may qualify for the job.

Enjoy your day no matter what your horoscope says!