Well as you can imagine as a gal I love to shop (better said: loved to) and wonder through the stores and imagine myself wearing that outfit or buying it. Either way it was great.

Now, with the “new normal” I find something missing from my previous life and that is the shopping in the stores and having that coffee break with friends as we recharge are batteries to go for another round of serious shopping for whatever it was we were looking for.

I am sure I am not the only gal out there who feels this way. And you too may be missing those day outs with your friends…

Online is the “new normal”, which is rather boring and there is nothing interesting, except sit there and scroll and click…. BORING!!!

The trill of entering a store and running your hands over the material or trying on that piece of clothing is not there when you are online…. Or the excitement of finding “just what you were looking for” is gone when you are online.

And I was doing something for my figure too, by walking around when I was shopping, and not stagnating in a chair… Those were the days.. I can shut my eyes and see it all in front of me… Shopping and getting a round of walking in there too!!

I’m old school action packed with the thought “ There before my eyes is exactly what I want” and it is hanging there on the rack or just shouting out at me and saying “ here I am, just waiting for you”! 

What a feeling that was and it was only at the beginning of this year that I last had that feeling … now it seems like a memory that it is something that happened light years ago.

Nowadays, I sit here and write about my shopping memories and dream of the future when I can go out again with friends and enjoy the feeling of being in a store surrounded by those lovely pieces of clothing that “are just waiting for me”, and to walk around ( I cannot forget my figure… exercise is important, too).

I am not too sure when the time will come again, and where I should start, and I hope that the stores are still in business too… That is a rather worrying thought and all those poor people put out of work…. I (would) feel sorry for them….  I guess life is how it is and I still have great shopping memories and those cannot be taken from me, and gals I am sure you too have some great shopping memories that you can hold onto too.

Enjoy those shopping memories! 

Rush Out and Buy!

The same problem every year… the right present and now all I read is that I have to rush out and buy something for Christmas. Where do I rush too and what do I buy??? Those articles are full of suggestions and tips as to how I can spend all my hard earned cash on that present that really isn’t needed and the only winner is the retailer who emptied my wallet and has a grin on their face….

I have wandered the malls and looked in many a store to find something to “rush out and buy” but in the end I still haven’t bought anything, because I haven’t seen anything that is really the present of the year 2013! There are sales and offers or buy one get one free but that still isn’t what I am looking for.

I feel misdirected as to where to rush too and buy…. Any ideas out there????

What do my friends and family want for Christmas and is it something I want to buy them??? My “rush out and buy” seems to be slowing down and by the time that day comes.. The good’ol 25th December I am still not sure if I will have bought anything by then.

I could “rush out and buy”:

Clothing….. Have enough of that.

Toiletries…. Got plenty of that too… why more, just to collect dust!

Electronics… How many devices does one need and the cables and chargers alone cost as must as the device itself.

Gift certificates… great but impersonal.. And how much should the certificate be worth, and is it from the right store???

My list could be endless here and I am in a rut as to “rush out and buy”… I’ll take my time and think about it before I spend all my money in one place or at all !

Tis the season to be jolly and spending!