Perfect Day Today?

The perfect day has finally arrived and we can now all enjoy it if you have enough time and don’t work otherwise I don’t think the perfect day would work??? Or am I missing something here….

In the perfect day you only have about 36 minutes for work, so how do I manage a perfect day when I have to work 8-10 hours a day???………The answer is easy; fit this into your day and you will have a perfect day.

So my perfect day in a week would be as follows:

Ok, forget taking a shower and getting dressed after I get-up because that just doesn’t seem to fit into the plan for a perfect day, so I’ll go to work in my pj’s( I guess). Note: the scientist seemed to forget that people normally get cleaned up before they leave the house… Where were their brains???? That question you can answer yourself. Thank you

Well, I do have time for breakfast, say about 15 minutes and then I’m out of here and on my way to work. Another problem there is only 33 minutes a day allotted to commuting. Now what???? I feel my day may not be sooooo perfect now! But I am sure if I leave out something else I will be able to have a perfect day. But all the other stuff in a perfect day is fun too…. I want a perfect day!!!!

Finally at work now I have 48 minutes for my computer, so I’ll have to stretch this out over the day otherwise I may not look busy. So, I think I will make a couple of calls to my friends and so that gives me about 58 minutes divided by 3 and so each for my friends get 19.33 minutes of my time. I better set the timer so I don’t go over 19.33 minutes. I hope my friends won’t get upset??? But then again they want to have a perfect day too….

Now that I have called all my friends I have 78 minutes to relax and think about what I can do the rest of my perfect day. But the sad part now is none of my friends have time to meet-up this afternoon because we could spend a whole 82 minutes together on a normal perfect day. Where’s my perfect day?????????

But I could have a little nap at my desk- I have 46 minutes to shut my eyes. Though with this perfect day I still haven’t done any work and when the boss comes into my office then it will definitely NOT BE A PERFECT DAY!!!

I still haven’t had a perfect day at work, but instead I have gotten some strange looks and asked by my colleagues at work “Why am I still in my pj’s” – I said today is a perfect day and there is no time for getting dressed in a perfect day. I am not sure if my answer satisfied them or they just thought that I had gone bonkers. I would tend to think the latter that I had gone bonkers!

Ah, forget work I’ll just go home and maybe go shopping there I have 58 minutes.. I better be quick or else I won’t be able to fit all my shopping into my perfect day. I am starting to feel tired again but since I used up my nap time earlier I have no more time for relaxing…..I’m starting to feel stressed out… what should I dooooo????

I’ll just go home and putter around the house for 47 minutes and then watch some TV until my guy comes home and then I have 50 minutes to whip us up a great meal. I hope I can manage that job??? Great thing about a perfect day there is no time left for arguing about something. Now that does make for a perfect day.

The highlight of a perfect day is that you have 106 minutes for you partner. Now that’s something or??? What you do in that time is up to you. I know what I would do and timing is of the essences. Don’t want to ruin a perfect day… eh??????

Enjoy your perfect day where ever you are in the world and don’t forget to keep an eye on the clock or else you won’t have that perfect day…. Enjoy yourself!!

The Problem Bra

Now this is news that gals can’t miss out on!!

Did you know that if you don’t wear the right bra your day could be ruined? Once I read that I knew right away that I could have serious bra problems if I didn’t wear the right bra.

I could see it now out and about and everyone having x-ray perception (like years ago) and they could see through my blouse and say -> I knew that she had the wrong bra on. Well, this would really ruin my day let alone my ego.

This whole issue got me thinking about my bra’s and I started to sweat and once I had all my bra’s laid out on the bed; I realized that some of them really were the sort of bra that could ruin my day.

Well, once I pulled myself together I jumped into my car and drove to the bra store to see what I could find. Wow, once inside the store I just stood there in shock looking at all those bras and seeing how many models there are and the vast array of colors which was really unbelievable.

Because I normally never visit such a bra store I thought I needed help. A sales woman came over (a bit top heavy) and asked if she could help me? I informed her that according to scientists I needed some new bras. I was indeed lucky because she had read about this too and understood my dilemma. I was relieved!!!

I couldn’t face the world or my boyfriend anymore without the right bra on. So after the sales woman took my measurements she suggested that she choose a couple of models to try on. I thought “OK”

But somehow the sales woman hadn’t really been listening to what I said earlier to what sort of bra I needed. I admit I am not flat as a pancake nor well endowed -> but help gravity is taking its toll!!!

I really need a full support model that should boost my ego and also one with the push-up effect (whatever there is too push-up???) I ask….

The sales woman chooses about 10 bras for all occasions. The first one a flimsy thing that would look good on a younger gal but “NOT ME” – I would scare my boyfriend off if I wore such a bra and then I would have a real bra problem.

But after looking at all those ego boosting bras I couldn’t say that my ego was really boosted. Actually, just the opposite.

But after a couple of minutes contemplating I choose 3 sturdy models that would lift my ego along with my boobs. Those bras are soooooo sturdy they could be used as a bullet proof vest and they even guarantee a perfect fit. With the guarantee I am a bit skeptical thought because if I gain or lose weight then there is no more perfect fit and will I get my money back then?

Once back home I wanted to show off my new “ must have” bras to my boyfriend; so I modeled them for him saying that they should boost my ego according to scientific research.

And what did he say: “According to me your old ones looked better.” And added that “why do you always get sucked into believing all that scientific nonsense?”

As you can imagine at first I was upset but then I got to thinking about what he said and I came to the conclusion that if you are happy with yourself then it really doesn’t matter what sort of bra you are wearing. And those scientists were probably paid by some bra manufacture because bra sales are slumping and with that sort of nonsense they are trying to play on the feelings of us gals.

Stand-up for yourself gals and wear whatever sort of bra that you want because you are wearing the bra for not one of those scientist.