Texting in Town

This is a somewhat dangerous form of sport though many have taken-up this sport and have done themselves some bodily harm to say the least.

I have seen many a person walk along the street and not notice where they are walking and either walk into someone or almost get run over by a car. Is text massaging that important and if it is why don’t the people stop walking to write their message? Or are they rushed for time?

They should designate special ”T” texting benches along the street so when someone has the urge to send a text message they can sit down and write it and not have to worry about walking into something or getting run over. But then again the benches may be full and you have to take a number before you can sit down to text causing some stress among the people waiting to text a message.
There would naturally be a 5 minute time limit as to how long you are allowed to sit and text, and if you overstay your 5 minutes a meter maid is standing there with her trusty ticket book to write you a ticket for overstaying your allowed time of 5 minutes.

This would also generate funds for cities that are strapped for cash and create jobs too. Thus, opening up a whole new world for everyone from the cell phone texter to the city.

Though I do have another idea for texting in town with the text lanes and how this works is very similar to the street when driving. On the sidewalk there are 4 lanes.
One lane is for normal pedestrians just strolling down the street and then there is the slow text lane where the person is texting but walking very slowly. Lane 3 is a bit faster and you are just sending quick messages and receiving a quick answer so you can over take lane 2. Lane 4 is like the commuter lane where you must have at least 3 phones in your hand and texting with them all at the same time, and if you aren’t then you will be pulled over and given a ticket for not obeying the 3 phone regulation and the same holds true for all the other lanes too.

When those ideas will be implemented I am not too sure but I am hoping that some city planners will find my ideas interesting. But as always I am sure they may find it a bit obscure and say” sorry we’re not interested”.

But I am sure someone will come up with an idea as to how to protect texter’s from the perils of texting.

I have even read that people who text too much have problems spelling real words because they forgot how to spell or they have to go to a special clinic for treatment of withdrawal from texting.

If this is true – how can anyone send so many text messages or are they the professional texter’s who are up for the Olympic medal in texting?

And there are Olympic texting contests too for those who can text 100 messages simultaneously in a minute with 100 cell phones and see who is the fastest and not make any spelling mistakes either

This is a true feat indeed!!

So, all you professional cell phone texter’s out there; practice up for the next upcoming championship in your area to qualify for the Olympics. I heard the winner gets a pocket size cell phone texter dictionary with only 100k pages in it.
A must for all!

If you win please text us a message with your cell phone, so we will all know about it.

Enjoy your cell phone and be careful next time you are on the street sending a message with your cell!