Living in a Happy City?

 Well, they have measured the happiness of some people in cities in a certain section of the world and have been able to come to the conclusion that in certain cities people are happier then those living in other cities. WELL, WELL, WELL …. What should we do then??

I noted that my city wasn’t listed or maybe that was because I live in a town and town folks aren’t as happy as city folks or is it the other way around?  Plus, I wonder if everyone happy in those so called happy cities are really happy? I need to ask around and see what those folks say there.

But this whole topic did get me thinking and so I checked the newspaper to see what house costs in the happy cities and of course as luck would have it they are a tad more expensive then where I am living. I want to live in a happy city…… I am happy!!

I can see it now this evening when my guy comes home from work and I have to break the bad news to him that we are not living in a happy area. I am sure he will explode on the spot and say “Honey, we have to move by the end of the week.”  Because I know my guy likes to be happy on the weekend… no grumps at our place!

And to top things off; one of my friends lives in one of those happy cities and didn’t know it until I called her and told her the good news. Though I will admit that she didn’t sound too happy about the news and said that she didn’t feel as happy as the survey said she should feel. 

This happiness stuff is a bit much and how do you really measure people’s happiness in a city? Good question, eh???

This happiness issue got me to thinking and I came up with a little list:

  1. I own lots of stuff: car, boat, house, TV, etc – I am happy because I have lots of materialistic stuff….
  2. I like my life at least at the moment  and I get along with my guy( a definite plus point for happiness
  3. I am in good health – they say this plays an important role in mental well being. Or has that changed too??
  4. I love my family – as long as everyone is happy and not in a bad mood and don’t want to argue about something!

But I think there’s an easier answer and we don’t need to read it in a survey about which city has the happiest people based on possessions or the likes.

The answer is easy …. Be happy wherever you are.