Who is Vacuuming Here???

Now I know this is not exactly an exciting topic for Sunday’s but I just had to tell you about what happened this afternoon……I was meeting up with some people I know and we got onto the topic of vacuum cleaners…. really exciting right??? Okay maybe not so, but anyway….

One of the guys there said he really enjoyed vacuuming and seemed like some sort of expert in this area, which I never thought to be true because don’t guys usually hate doing house work??? or am I wrong….. I personally think he was like being paid by some vacuum cleaner company otherwise, how do guys know soooooo much about vacuum cleaners….

Okay the truth was that he was recently out shopping for one and divulged his inner secrets to us….Isn’t that exciting…. I bet you are just sitting on the edge of your seat thinking WOW… I want to rush out right now and buy a new vacuum cleaner too, but please wait a minute before you do. Thanks

Yes, there are models for guys and the sort for other users and they come in all shapes and sizes too….. My brain is just exploding here with all these thoughts about if I had to purchase a new vacuum cleaner and which model to choose from tooooo…. Too many choices for my liking, but then again I don’t need a new vacuum cleaner.

But I could imagine how it could be in a store selling vacuum cleaners… there you go bee-lining towards the vacuum cleaner section of the store, everyone is still calm and easy going, but then the OMG moment comes right there before your eyes are the rows of vacuum cleaners in all shapes sizes and colors, and I have to make a decisive decision as to which model I should buy…..

Which color matches my rug ( very important fact… I would not want to own a vacuum cleaner that did not color coordinate with the color of my carpeting.) And then with or without those dust bag things that holds all the nasty dust and other stuff that the vacuum sucks-up……Okay, with the bag-less model, I can see if I maybe vacuumed up some money or something valuable and fish it out of the dust , or I go towards the mysterious bag model where I have no idea what I vacuumed up…..

Now these subjects could bring about intense conversations between people( this was reveled in our conversation… how exciting..) who do not know about which sort is best for them and the attachments that leave you wondering what they are all for or maybe you do not even need them….. That is a personal choice……

Though I must say I would make sure there is the attachment that lets you remove dust and crumbs from the sofa, because you never know how much money is hiding under the seat cushions on your sofa, and just imagine there you are enjoying a round of vacuuming( sorry, not my favorite job around the house, so do not call me!) and lift-up the sofa cushions to find some cash…. Finders keepers, just like when emptying the pockets before doing the laundry( an important rule not to forget and you can share this idea with your friends too.)

Even with that you have to worry about sooo many other things too, like the length of the cord ( who cares!) But no there you have it… As reported:
„ Honey how long is the cord on model XYQ?“
„ Oh, it is only 5 feet long…….. My golly are you even listening to me?“
„ What did you say? I love this color and it is just what I was looking for.“
„ You just asked my how long the cord was.“
„ Oh, stop being such a nag and worry about such things!“

And the conversation went on for what seemed like eternity, but after a little hug they both love each other again and the decision was made and they bought model 22wd for only $300.00 in hot pink so that it matches the color of a bottle of nail polish…..And so the happy couple went home with their new vacuum cleaner and lived happily ever after.. Okay I can only report what I know, so the other facts you have to find out yourself and ask, but I am sure you too may have experienced such moving events in your lives,plus what could be of more interest on a Sunday afternoon as to how someone bought a new vacuum cleaner?
And I bet you too have talked about some cool things to today?

Hot Coffee and Cleaning the House….

You are probably asking yourself what have both of those in common… more than you think I say!

I read that there is a new coffee cup out there that can keep a cup of coffee warm for up to 45 minutes and then all you have to do is recharge it via USB and away you go with another cup of warm coffee.

This gadget I see as a real thing for guys, but I think it could be easy to say that the hot coffee cup may peter out after a time because if you only like your coffee hot and the battery only lasts 45 minutes… then what is left over, but a sorry cup of cold coffee and a dead battery, and if you don’t have a USB connection available, then you are “S… out of luck”!!!

With all these modern things around “how has one survived so long using a conventional cup for coffee?” Now that is a question that requires deep thought and scientific research.

But coffee is the essence of life; it tastes good, if made right. And with the right gadgets great coffee is just a step away, so to say and cleaning the house somehow goes hand in hand with a cup of coffee. It is said that guys have to do more house work after they retire from work and so I see a whole new dimension as to how to interest guys to do house work.

There you have it guys (once retired) your heated coffee cup, but wait a minute here! Wasn’t there once the headed coaster thing that you could place your coffee mug on and it would keep you mug of coffee warm for awhile??? Away, these sorts of gadgets are just things guys need to get them interested in the world of housework. Gals put your thinking caps on and get those gadgets out!!

Guys you cans have your robot vacuum cleaner (providing endless hours of entertainment) and maybe could hold a sort of vacuum race with your buddies to see who gets the job done first or who has the coolest dishwasher? Then it’s time for a coffee break and your coffee is still warm in your new heated mug…. Post a couple of messages and take a couple of selfies too. Who said housework has to be dull and boring for guys?

It is just an action packed event and this is all because of the new gadgets around these days. Then when the chores are done inside there’s the robot lawnmower to keep you from getting bored outside the house.

Guys, I could think of thousands of action packed ways for you to get involved in housework and not wait until you retire, because by then the coffee maybe cold, and who wants that?

Dust in the Den

A hard moving fact Dust! That pesky stuff seems to be everywhere you turn. Well; I heard there is a great new vacuum cleaner to make the job more enjoyable and as you can think in the ad they depicted a woman smiling away enjoying every second of the vacuuming experience.

Why can’t they show a guy – I ask? Guys vacuum too??? Really now there are thousands of single guys throughout the world who just love to vacuum their places. And I am sure they enjoy it just as much as gals do if maybe not even more with a high tech vacuum cleaner or the dust app.

Now the dust app is very unique in the household and shouldn’t be confused with the do the dishes app. The dust app works like this:
You press it and then you look at the display of your cell phone and it tells you how many inches of dust has accumulated in your place and suggests when you should vacuum again. Can save many a day if the guy has asked some gal over for dinner. Don’t want her showing up and doing the white glove test and finding dust on the shelf – do we?

Then again there’s the more advanced model of vacuum cleaners for those who are more into multi-tasking and gadgets and this I must stress is a real “must have for 2012”.

I will let you in on a little secret right now. Not too many people have this model yet. So do order right away so you don’t have to wait months for this great vacuum cleaner. And can be the first in your neighborhood to have one.
I would scream at the thought of being left behind with an older vacuum cleaner…. Oh the perils of dust!!

Well, here’s how this great vacuum cleaner works and looks. You may need to close your eyes and imagine this once you have read about how it looks, because this way you get a full idea of how great it is.

It’s a floor model that you can pull along across the floor in a wide range of colors too.
On the metal hose bit there’s an extra attachment that you can attach for holding beverages, like a cup of coffee or a beer or for the more demanding vacuumer there’s the wine glass attachment, so if you feel like a little sip while you’re busy.

Plus, there’s the cell phone or TV holder – maybe you want to text a couple of messages to your friends telling them that you are vacuuming and how much fun it is. But the best attachment is the retractable cloths line that you can attach at the back of the vacuum, so that you can dry your cloths while vacuuming. The great thing with this is that it spins around while you are vacuuming, so that by the time you have finished vacuuming your house the laundry is dry too. So no worries about rainy weather. Great thing!!

Additionally, there’s the workout too that goes along with this too, because you have to pull this whole set-up through your house as you vacuum. This saves you the trip to the local fitness studio. I mean really, how can one resist such an experience? It really puts a whole new light on vacuuming – don’t you think?

So next time you have to vacuum do consider this multi- tasking vacuum cleaner to lighten your work load around the house.
Have fun vacuuming!


Weight is something we all think about and mind you if someone says to you ” I never worry about my weight” , that is the biggest lie of the century!

I have tried many a diet without much success, though the pounds stay off for a while but sooner or later they seem to creep back into my body and place themselves around the hip area – sneaky little devils those calories!

It is said with a balanced diet plenty of exercise (how much is plenty I ask myself?)You will achieve your ideal figure. All I can say here is that’s a load of rubbish!

I have tried endless diet plans, spent a fortune on books or diet supplements and at the end of the day my figure really hasn’t made any remarkable changes. My jeans, skirts, dress etc are still tight and I still have to squeeze myself into an item of clothing even after dieting.
– A losing battle-

Additionally, there are other ways to lose weight and these seem to take on a dimension that could set you back financially. You know what I am talking about?

Taking yourself to the garage for a little maintenance or tuning.
There you will find trained mechanics who can work on your figure honing away at it trying to suck out all those fatty cells with their industrial strength vacuum cleaner or chisel away at some other part of your body leaving you in the end with a whole new look. Also they can replace the parts which have lost their warranty and seem to be wearing out with age.
The wonders of science!

Though I have read that you have to go back regularly for inspection jobs, otherwise you won’t be able to keep your slim figure and your parts may lose their guarantee, so you can’t forget the 50 thousand mile inspection or else you are bound for a breakdown somewhere out there. And that would mean trouble!

I can only speak for myself and say I stay away from those sorts of garages, because I feel I was made the way I am and I accept the fact that gravity and calories take their toll over time. But don’t misunderstand me here; I by no means want to put people down who choose the garage route.

Though once I feel I have lost enough weight it makes me want to go out and buy a new dress and show off my new figure (hopefully ????).

So off to the stores it is looking for that new outfit (everyone has experienced this I am sure). You have found an item maybe a dress and think “ok, let me try this on. It may look good on me?”

So off to the fitting room I go accompanied by a sales assistant who has a figure like a model in one of those fashion magazines. Before I have even tried the dress on I feel a bit over weight after looking at the sales assistant.
But, I don’t let that de-motivate me(I want that dress!) So, I try it on and notice – wow I have to really suck in my stomach to make me look good in it.( How long can I walk around like this; maybe 2 minutes at the most?) But before I have a chance to ask for a larger size (help!!!);the sales assistant says to me: ” That fits you perfect and really shows off your figure”. I think to myself- “Is she nuts? And I don’t want to show the world all my bulges and wobbly bits”.

I say, “sorry but I see this a tad differently than you do. And then I say- Can I try this same dress on in a larger size?” This thought brings tears to my eyes!

The smug little sales assistant trots off with a snickering grin on her face as if saying ” You look like a blimp in that dress, but hey I want the commission, so I’ll say anything to get her to buy it”.

Back she is in a flash with a larger size and it’s too big now. What’s my problem here? I ask myself – it’s either too tight or too large. Now the trusty sales assistant says to me: “This dress defiantly fits you better than the other one”.
I think: „is she blind?” I mean really you could fit two of me in the dress now! I am desperate attempting to think to myself- forget it you don’t need the dress and put my own clothes back on and say „Thank you but I have decided against both dresses.” Then as you all know the sales assistant gives you a look that could kill because she hasn’t made a sale on you. Bad luck honey!

So I make a bee line to another store with no sales assistance. Maybe my luck will be better here? I find that perfect dress and this time I take 3 different sizes into the changing room with me because I don’t want to have to go and find another size after. I try one of them on and think to myself “ you don’t look too bad“, so I step-out of the cabin to inspect myself in front of the large mirror and at the same time there’s another women there my age who says to me “ Don’t you think you’re a bit old for that dress?” I could wring her neck, after months of dieting and feeling great about myself and actually finding a dress that fits I hear that. I think to myself “you don’t look too hot either in what you are trying on”.
I bet many of you know exactly what I mean here. Isn’t it sad how there is always someone out there who manages to break your bubble of happiness.

Enjoy dieting and remember don’t let others break your bubble of happiness!

P.S. I bought the dress and have gotten lots of complements too. So remember don’t always believe what others say when it comes to what you are wearing after you have lost some weight.