What to write and what to say…..

Have you ever thought really thought about the sentence “ I have nothing to say?” I bet not… Many people have nothing to say but never say that sentence and instead repeat the same old story thousands of time until the listener says something. I have nothing against hearing things a couple of times but after that it gets boring and I would rather hear “ I have nothing to say or there is nothing going on in my life at the moment”…. Okay I know it sounds like you could be a boring person, if not seen as a loser…

Nowadays, we have to be active, always on the go and able to show off something cool going on in our lives… When do these people take a break or have a life??? Sometimes I would love to ask these people and I wonder if they are happy with themselves too??? Anyone out there know the answer??

Writing too is an issue, what to say and what to write about that will maybe interest someone out there and not bore you or put you to sleep while you are reading… Then I am a real loser or bore at best!!! But who cares, I’ll just jabber away here and write about whatever pops into my mind…

Okay… And not worry about my summer figure, losing weight, make-up tips or how I will look in the latest fashion fad or the other must haves that others think I need in my life…. Because these are the most common tops that are repeated each day and year for us gals to read about and somehow that has become boring for me to read about… Life is how it is and I will carry on with how things are.. Bad figure, out of date fashion( okay..Vintage now), and vintage make-up tips and it still seems to fit in somehow… The surprising facts that I would have never thought about until I started writing here… Inspiration comes in various ways….

So, inspire yourself today and have fun and don’t worry about being a bore either!!

This year too….

Like every year it starts off with a bang from the fireworks and then it’s there the commercials and ads for dieting to lose weight that you may have put on during the holiday season … Me; I don‘t gain weight!!

My clothes may have shrunk in size, maybe I washed them in tooo warm water, but, no it can’t be true that I gained weight during the holiday season!! Though according to all the ads and new diets to try I must have!! I could scream, maybe that would help…

I got to looking at some of those promising diets out there that will give me a figure like a goddess in 12 weeks ( really I have to suffer eating pea sized amounts of food for 3 months …. Neh… too much work for me!!) Then after I finish that diet I have to think about the summer bikini diet…. Though no worries… I think I’ll pass on that one too!! I’m past the bikini stage of life and if I put one on I would probably scare everyone off the beach if they saw me….. AHHHH

This year I thought I need to go on a diet at least once in my life, so after watching all the commercials on TV and glancing magazines; I decided on a magazine that offers a DVD workout too…. Now I am on the way to my goddess figure…. Watch out world!!!

I rushed home with my magazine the other day and just the name of this diet “ Detox your system and easy Yoga”. Really now, what could be easier?? I ask…. I looked at the recipes and jotted down what I need to buy ( I will be bankrupt once I buy everything on the list). Okay I’ll admit not all recipes are for me and don’t look very tasty either. I’ll just make the ones that I like and skip the others.

But, before I start I need to watch the DVD with the easy yoga exercises that will turn my figure into ……. Who knows what by the time I am finished….. Let’s wait and see! Oh, I forgot to mention that I even bought new yoga training clothes to make my workout better.

I popped the DVD into the TV and got ready for action….. There are 3 sections for each part of your body and lots of stuff to read before starting. To be honest I am starting to feel tired already, so I think I’ll get myself a cup of tea and then sit down and watch the first section which is 15 minutes long (all sections are). Not to forget this is for everyone as it says. I feel relieved to know this…. Thanks

The music starts( not very motivating) there the women shows me what to do and carries-on for the 15 minutes and telling me how much fun all this is… Somehow I seem to be missing the action, and it all seems like toooo much work for me! I hit the FF button and skip to the detox recipe ( I hope it tastes good, because I am getting hungry after watching all that exciting action!!)

There before my eyes Miss Yoga starts making a detox drink out of various green veggies and keeps saying that it doesn’t taste good but you should drink it… I started counting how many times she said it tasted terrible and she said it at least 10 times, so there is no way that I am going to make myself one of those green concoction drinks… No,thank-you!!!

After my afternoon filled with a DVD exercises and the detox recipe; I already feel as if I have lost at least 3 pounds, so I think that I can take it easy for the rest of the next 12 weeks and wait for the next new bikini diet DVD to be with the next magazine and I can watch it too and see those pounds just melting away as I sitting on my sofa enjoying a good workout watching a DVD.

Enjoy your dieting whichever one you choose!

Looking Good & Feeling Good

It is always a surprise to read that there is more to life for women then just hanging around the house or going to the office. Thank goodness I say because without looking and feeling good life would be a horror trip for me!!

Now it is said that we gals have finally said what makes us feel good or look good. I know the little things in life are important but all the other stuff that I didn’t know about really was an eye opener for me.

So I got on the phone right away to my other gal friends to organize that we meet-up for a coffee and talk about this. Some of my friends hadn’t heard about this so they were very thankful that I brought this too their attention and like life can be my guy didn’t understand this looking and feeling good stuff because in his eyes we gals are always preoccupied with those thoughts…… ok, maybe a bit but not 100% of the time.

My thoughts are on great things like handbags, shoes and a good cup of coffee! What more does a gal need for a good life??? Please don’t answer that question, ok?

While talking to my friends we decided to list some of the things and of course add our comments to them because I think those seemed to be forgotten when they printed the article.

1. Finding a bargain – I feel good right-a-way and want to show the world that I saved money but it only took me 5 hours of my time to save that money…. Savings… where???

2. A person you don’t know giving you a compliment – it depends on the person doesn’t it and what the complement was? Nothing worse than a complement that isn’t true and only said because the person just wants to talk to you… Bad move!!

3. Having comfortable underwear on – defiantly not romantic but hey who can see what I am wearing under my clothes… or do I have sign on me that says “I’m wearing comfortable underwear today”… defiantly information that we all need!

4. Getting some flowers – Oh that could be like treading on thin ice! Did my guy give me the flowers because he loves me or does he have a bad conscious because he was out with the guys watching the game the other night? What could be the reason – love or guilt??

5. Being told I lost weight – did they forget their glasses and what do they want from me??? Bad advice…….

6. Getting a present – Thank you!! I love gifts as long as it isn’t something useful for the house.

7. Hearing that I look younger than I actually am – good for a couple of minutes but after that I’ve forgotten what they said anyways…. I’m getting old

8. Having sexy underwear on – a sure fire way to scare the daylights out of my guy!!!

9. Being hugged – Ok, if it’s the right person but I don’t want to be hugged by a complete stranger.

After me and my gal friends went through the list we found out that we really weren’t happier or feeling better than before. It just made us think about life more and what is going on in and around us.
I think just enjoy life as best as you can and without all the charts and studies we can be happy and feel good too.

Weighty Waistlines

It’s the same problem every January; the weighty waistline. I have been reading today and trying to sort out which one of the thousands of tips and diet plans out there that will melt those dreaded holiday season accumulation of calories around my wait away. I find accumulation of calories somewhat better then saying ‘I’ve gained weight or gotten fat.” – I dread those words and avoid them at all possible costs!

I am not even sure if I will even try some of those crazy plans out there and isn’t it true that once you get past a certain age you only need to look at the food and it’s on your hips??? I feel that way and am not ashamed to say sooooooo. Nor should you be either. That’s life and somehow I have come to terms with it whether I like to admit it or not.

Somehow all those lonely items hanging in my closet saying to me …. Lose a couple of pounds and we can be friends again. That thought just makes me cry when I open my closet and all the things are just hanging there waiting so patiently for me to take them out and let them see daylight again. But somehow even with not eating tooooo much and exercising regularly my waistline just doesn’t want to be like it was when I was 20 years old. Why I ask… what have I done to deserve this???? Any answers out there??????

It seems to be a vicious cycle every year when the New Year starts in January we all seem to think about our waistlines and maybe go on a diet. How many people actually manage to loose and keep off those pounds that they have melted from their waistlines???

Another problem is – all the candy and chocolates that I have gotten for Christmas… That great tasting stuff just can’t be thrown away.. I need to enjoy it!!!! Or maybe if I just look at the box and not eat its contents then I will be saved, but I need will power to keep myself away from the box crying out to me saying “ open me up- and eat a few of the great tasting chocolates!”

Now that is really hard to resist no matter what you say!! So, that means that I will have to postpone my diet until I have enjoyed all the boxes of chocolates that I have received. But maybe after I have eaten all the chocolate and put myself on strict diet then maybe my lonely clothes that are hung in my closet can be my friend again??? And so I ask my closet “Please be patient and wait for me, because I do want to be friends with all my clothes again and then I will feel good!”

And I bet many people out there feel the same way I do. So, do as I and try to be friends with those items of clothes waiting patiently for you in your closet and you too will feel good too.”


Weight is something we all think about and mind you if someone says to you ” I never worry about my weight” , that is the biggest lie of the century!

I have tried many a diet without much success, though the pounds stay off for a while but sooner or later they seem to creep back into my body and place themselves around the hip area – sneaky little devils those calories!

It is said with a balanced diet plenty of exercise (how much is plenty I ask myself?)You will achieve your ideal figure. All I can say here is that’s a load of rubbish!

I have tried endless diet plans, spent a fortune on books or diet supplements and at the end of the day my figure really hasn’t made any remarkable changes. My jeans, skirts, dress etc are still tight and I still have to squeeze myself into an item of clothing even after dieting.
– A losing battle-

Additionally, there are other ways to lose weight and these seem to take on a dimension that could set you back financially. You know what I am talking about?

Taking yourself to the garage for a little maintenance or tuning.
There you will find trained mechanics who can work on your figure honing away at it trying to suck out all those fatty cells with their industrial strength vacuum cleaner or chisel away at some other part of your body leaving you in the end with a whole new look. Also they can replace the parts which have lost their warranty and seem to be wearing out with age.
The wonders of science!

Though I have read that you have to go back regularly for inspection jobs, otherwise you won’t be able to keep your slim figure and your parts may lose their guarantee, so you can’t forget the 50 thousand mile inspection or else you are bound for a breakdown somewhere out there. And that would mean trouble!

I can only speak for myself and say I stay away from those sorts of garages, because I feel I was made the way I am and I accept the fact that gravity and calories take their toll over time. But don’t misunderstand me here; I by no means want to put people down who choose the garage route.

Though once I feel I have lost enough weight it makes me want to go out and buy a new dress and show off my new figure (hopefully ????).

So off to the stores it is looking for that new outfit (everyone has experienced this I am sure). You have found an item maybe a dress and think “ok, let me try this on. It may look good on me?”

So off to the fitting room I go accompanied by a sales assistant who has a figure like a model in one of those fashion magazines. Before I have even tried the dress on I feel a bit over weight after looking at the sales assistant.
But, I don’t let that de-motivate me(I want that dress!) So, I try it on and notice – wow I have to really suck in my stomach to make me look good in it.( How long can I walk around like this; maybe 2 minutes at the most?) But before I have a chance to ask for a larger size (help!!!);the sales assistant says to me: ” That fits you perfect and really shows off your figure”. I think to myself- “Is she nuts? And I don’t want to show the world all my bulges and wobbly bits”.

I say, “sorry but I see this a tad differently than you do. And then I say- Can I try this same dress on in a larger size?” This thought brings tears to my eyes!

The smug little sales assistant trots off with a snickering grin on her face as if saying ” You look like a blimp in that dress, but hey I want the commission, so I’ll say anything to get her to buy it”.

Back she is in a flash with a larger size and it’s too big now. What’s my problem here? I ask myself – it’s either too tight or too large. Now the trusty sales assistant says to me: “This dress defiantly fits you better than the other one”.
I think: „is she blind?” I mean really you could fit two of me in the dress now! I am desperate attempting to think to myself- forget it you don’t need the dress and put my own clothes back on and say „Thank you but I have decided against both dresses.” Then as you all know the sales assistant gives you a look that could kill because she hasn’t made a sale on you. Bad luck honey!

So I make a bee line to another store with no sales assistance. Maybe my luck will be better here? I find that perfect dress and this time I take 3 different sizes into the changing room with me because I don’t want to have to go and find another size after. I try one of them on and think to myself “ you don’t look too bad“, so I step-out of the cabin to inspect myself in front of the large mirror and at the same time there’s another women there my age who says to me “ Don’t you think you’re a bit old for that dress?” I could wring her neck, after months of dieting and feeling great about myself and actually finding a dress that fits I hear that. I think to myself “you don’t look too hot either in what you are trying on”.
I bet many of you know exactly what I mean here. Isn’t it sad how there is always someone out there who manages to break your bubble of happiness.

Enjoy dieting and remember don’t let others break your bubble of happiness!

P.S. I bought the dress and have gotten lots of complements too. So remember don’t always believe what others say when it comes to what you are wearing after you have lost some weight.