You are never alone with Party line Überwachung ©sueromeiser2022

Years ago it was the simple party line.. You picked up the receiver and could hear other folks talking on the phone line about what ever.. Those were the days. it was a real party line.. Women met on their party line to gossip and chat about the newest news in the neighborhood without leaving the comfort of their homes and could do this for hours if everyone was on the same line and the best past it didn’t cost them a dime. “ Money saving tips of the day”….

Then came the end of the party line and you had to pay for each phone call and there was no internet or Whatsapp to see what someone else wrote or listen in on their conversation or try to get the edge on their emails or private life…. That was the easy-going life and you didn’t have to worry about hacker or trackers that were / are stalking in your router…

Now-a-days it a whole other ball game…


First join that group and collect as many cell numbers as possible, after that make sure you know when they are online so that you can see what they are up too or what they have written, but the most important aspect for the Hackers & Trackers is to find your location and Bingo … they think that they know everything and can control things … These folks are the one who need help.. really now who cares what the other person is up too… I am not interested… The others are interested because they don’t have a life.. There you have it in a nut shell !

Then there are those who block others Facebook accounts because they don’t want the person, they blocked to find out what they are writing about on this social platform… Secret agents at work 😉

Now there are the highlights with the Google accounts and there android applications.. Here are real exciting things going on, and those Hackers & Trackers try to steal other data to make it look like the person they stole the data from is trying to hack into their cell phone..

But what is even more interesting are the hard drive Linux users.. Here is an eye opener.

L – Lack of brains and too much time on their hands or are involved in questionable ISSUES:

I – Idiots who think I don’t know what they are doing in their hideout.

N- no real information to pass on to their controllers.

U – probably sitting in front of their computer with hard-drive in their underwear.

X- have an x-phobia and need help to cope with the world around them.

But the computer hard drive is not to be forgotten either. This is essential for these hackers & trackers.

H – help what should I do?

A – A shit.. I lost the data that I just stole!

C- it’s cold in this room.

K – I have no idea what this letter means?

E- I need something to eat!

R – My computer needs to be rebooted because I hacked into the wrong computer.


T – tell me what to do!

A – a shit… my battery is dead.

C – Call later , I’m busy hacking.

K – What part of the hard-drive is this?

E – The electricity has gone off… Now what ?

R – I need a rest to read how to be a tracker.

S- Who said that this system was easy to hack & track?

So, just keep these simple facts in mind and you are on the road to being a Hacker & Tracker and maybe if you are lucky, you can join their fan-club too!


What it is like to be a divorced Canadian woman in Germany   ©sueromeiser2022

The fact that here in Germany the freedom of press does not actually exist because my Twitter account Suewritesnow is blocked because I wrote about someone’s “ Cartier Tank watch” and until further I cannot twitter here in Germany.The women behind this issue are not of stable mental abilities and have done various criminal deeds along with their partners. Society believes these people because they pretend to be German were in fact only a few of them are really German citizens and the rest are living illegally in Germany and are trying to cover up their trail of betrayal.And the fact that they have blocked my Facebook account, so that I will not find out what they have written on Facebook or the fact that another woman uses the name Laurawritesnow on Twitter trying to ruin my twitter feeds again to deceive the fact that she accused me of doing bad things to her son, when in reality it was an old woman in a wheelchair. They are all afraid and then there is Sofia from Greece who pretends to be Christina C or one of her sisters play the role.. Then there is the career who may not have a work permit for Germany, but that’s fine. The fact is everything should look like I am the culprit and should be arrested for their bad deeds. This is the new German society since the German chancellor is also noted for wrong doings, so society acts accordingly just as he does. This whole thing is just a fabrication from some woman who made a major mistake and has pulled so many people into this issue no one knows what to do anymore and are in a so called “Sackgasse gelandet”..  These people have tried to steal my company names, steal my customers, spread lies and prevent me from moving to England, all this in order to cover up a scam by a law firm in Germany who has an employee who is not allowed to legally work in Germany. Freedom does not exist here .. Freedom is just a thought it is more like a DDR then a democracy and no one cares, and their only concern is “ My next vacation” .Here is Germany here and now!

A Sad Reality of the Summer of 2016 ©sueromeiser2022

The sad reality of things is that in 2016 up to now the way society is / has been treating me because I was in psychiatric ward where no one even made an attempt to help me but instead always try to prevent things like blocking phone calls / rerouting my emails ..hacking and tracking ,etc..

 And cashing in on my belongings if I had not gotten rid of everything, except for what I have with me now and that is the sad reality of German society. There are good people out there who have helped me and help me, but those people are also being confronted by those who tried to hinder my life too.

Also, in 2016 there were the other patients but it seemed like they weren’t helped in the hospital at that time.. They asked me for help and that says it all… It was more like a revolving door system woman coming and going and occasionally there where some men patients.

It was a ward where at night all the doors were locked and the windows could not be opened, so if there was a fire everyone on the ward would have probably been burnt to death. This sad and disturbing fact was noted by the people who worked on the ward, and they made fun of me because I noted such things.

As for keeping the records confidential, it was more like a newspaper stand were everyone could find out what they wanted about a person. And the records were given to people outside the hospital too where they met at the back of the hospital on the other side of the pond to discuss what they found out or what they could do next.

These little tidbits are just the tip of the iceberg as to how a certain hospital group treats people. One thing is for sure they never did a thing to help me except trying to put me on a medication that would have probably “Fucked-Up” my life if I hadn’t stopped taking

Complaining According to Plan       ©sueromeiser2022

The title says it all “Complaining According to Plan”.. Now there are folks out there who love to complain and if they didn’t have anything to complain about, they wouldn’t be happy.

 There are those who see something and right away it is something to complain about.. The washing machine is a good one or who can be first in the WC there you go just trying to aggravate someone so that they will complain and at the end of the day they are the ones complaining because no one else complained..

Or a great one is the washbasin where someone else may use the washbasin next to the one they use and there you have it a storm is brewing… just imagine there lurking in the deep spaces of the bathroom are those unknown and then they may want to use your washbasin and probably even turn the water tap on and then and there is the tragedy of the running water faucet and those things that are lurking in the bathroom just waiting to pounce on the person. Now they have something to complain about..

Then there is the kitchen sink with the frying pan that low and behold made its way out of the cupboard and onto the stove top just there alone with the spatula waiting for the photo to be made so that someone can complain.

But complaining can turn into a social event where everyone gets in on the fun of complaining, so to say the new “Social Sport of 2022”..

There you go and how to find something to complain about can easily be achieved if you practice at it a couple of times a day and then you can qualify for the “World Class Complainers Cup”; there you will be competing against some of Germany’s top complainers who have been complaining for years and know the ins and outs of complaining.

This is by no means an easy competion .. Germans are world class as any complainer knows and if you don’t know how to complain then you can throw in the towel before you start.

I must admit I can not compete in this area, because complaining doesn’t get you anywhere anyway. It only makes things worse and at the end of the day the complainers are more upset than ever, but they have had a chance to complain.

Have you ever noticed how upset complainers get when they don’t get their own way or the fact that when they complain no one listens to them or even better they make a fool of themselves by complaining; those are just some highlights as complainers love to complain.

Has anyone given any thought about what they have complained about today and where their complaining has gotten them???

But at least you can say that you have complained, and there you go when someone askes “What’s New?” you can say: “I complained:” and that is complaining in a nutshell.

Enjoy your complaining and don’t forget maybe not everyone wants to hear your complaint either!

That Guy!   ©sueromeiser2022

There he is the guy that that gal wants… But does he want that gal… Now this is something that we need to take a closer look at. Don’t you think… I think so, even if you didn’t ask me.

There you go the new guy in the neighborhood, and it seems that since spring is in the air nature must be calling her and that she is trying her hardest to get his attention, though I wonder if her “methods” work, and have concluded that the next time I see him I will ask him what he thinks of that gal. Then I know and she will know too 😉

I guess when a gal doesn’t put much into herself, she thinks it is easier to grab the next best thing because he doesn’t know a lot about the neighborhood, well my advice to him is keep your eyes open and a tight hold on your credit card.

She isn’t a gal you want to take in your new aircraft, because she doesn’t fit to the interior, and I doubt that she has the newest “Summer Cruise Collection” either 😉  

Have a great time dating and always remember what you are getting yourself into!!!

Responsibility and Truth        ©sueromeiser2022

Those two words are something missing in the society in which I live. To take responsibility for ones actions or life is a responsibility and not to be pushed onto someone else, nor to deny the truth that is right in front of their eyes and that is their norm..

Blame someone else or try to trick and con everyone in believing the “bull shit” that they tell everyone, because they themselves want to cover-up the truth and what they did a couple of years ago, or they try to be someone that they are not, just to try see how it is to feel how people have money live.

Those “want to be’s” are only what they are and that is a “want to be” and lie their way through their lives, but sooner or later they get old like the next person and what may have worked a couple of years ago, doesn’t work anymore, because age has caught up with them, and they are simply “out dated” and trying to trick and con people forever is like everything else in life… It has an expiration date… And those gals “expiration date” is reached.

To treat others badly and say you “will hit them with a baseball bat” thinking that by doing that it will bring them respect or telling everyone that a person is mentally ill and finding this lots of fun or stealing their post or threatening people if they don’t do what that person wants..

This behavior only shows that they themselves need help and cannot be seen as a reliable and truthful person… Though they do try to convince everyone that what they say and do is right without any evidence or pretend to be someone they aren’t – is their lifestyle…

But for how long is this lifestyle sustainable???? And where do these people get their money from to try to play someone that they are not????

The only thing they can do is blame others and avoid telling the truth or accepting the truth when confronted with it, because the truth and responsibility go hand in hand and these can be very unpleasant for those who don’t want to accept either one.

                 Stock or Mock     ©sueromeiser2022

As a modern gal of today there are always those who want to interpret how I should live my life or what I should look at on the internet or they themselves get themselves in a tizzy because they have no idea about life…

It is always a good idea to have things in stock whether it be food, or you can buy stocks too, whatever you like. Its easy as that or you can pretend and mock everything to be a con-artist though that can work for a while but not forever… times change and so do people and you cannot always pull the wool over their eyes.

People seem to have trouble sometimes interpreting things or their imagination is beyond explanation, which is more of the truth as to how they interpret what I wrote.

Every person has a dream and those dreams should be respected too and just because those gals out there are inhibited, that’s their problem they say things as if they are from the big world or would like to take selfies of themselves in their “Birthday Suits” , that’s okay, but to have a dream… You know the answer…

I will stick to my dream and not mock things.

Enjoy the read!!

Every Mans Bad Dream          ©sueromeiser 2022

Bad dreams can happen and as you know we gals have dreams but guys can have bad dreams when the “Every Women’s dream” turns into a nightmare…

There you go guys you just spotted her there standing by her new shinny aircraft out on the ramp and she has that twinkle in her eye and you just sway over to her and say “HI, Honey, is that your machine?” and that gal say say” Yah, honey” with a grin on her face that say…. Trouble is about to happen.

But you throw fear into the wind and climb on board with that unknown gal who has obtained it by devious means and smiles again at you as if to say… “Na, du bist reingefallen”, and after you paid a couple of hundred dollars to tank-up to have a spin with that gal only to find out she mislead you and lets you down.

You can forget the whole thing and that gal too because as you know she is only there to use you and take all your money.

Bad dreams can happen, and my advice guys is to check the papers carefully before boarding.

Have a great day!

The Missing Rolls       ©sueromeiser2022

Now a news sensation is happening in the area where I live and you just won’t believe it, the top criminal sensation of the New Year 2022…… The “case of the missing toilet paper”…

This is no easy case to solve and investigators have been working around the clock to track down the culprits who stole those rolls of toilet paper. It has been reported that there are some eyewitnesses, but they seem to be holding back information due to the fact that they are busy.

There seems that various sorts of toilet paper have been missing over the past couple of months and that investigators have found that certain brands are easier to track down than others.

I myself don’t want to get involved in the criminal actions of the “Toilet paper Gang” that are lurking around town swiping rolls of toilet paper wherever they goooooo…

Should anybody out there see members of the “Toilet Paper Gang” take heed and keep hold of your own rolls of toilet paper or else the roll might unroll!

Enjoy a good laugh while reading ..

The washbasin   ©sueromeiser2022

You know there are people out there in the world who find it fun to try to pull a fast one at the cost of others.

Now there is the “Case of the Washbasin” were some people thought it would be fun to take the drainpipes apart under a washbasin in a guest bathroom of a lovely elderly lady in a wheelchair.

Is this the “New Fun” for people to ruin other people’s lives and make those innocent people pay for the damage that they caused because they themselves are trying to hide something or tell lies and not be honest to others.

I ask you “Is that fun ?”…

My answer is no, and laws should be implemented to protect people against such people and the damage and anguish that they cause to people and their families… and this is for those who do it “A way of life?” … How should one see this???

These people sneak around at night and think no ones knows about what they are doing or their devious deeds…

They say others are Psychologically ill or they are shoplifters or other such things; all this is so that no one will take a closer look at them or their credentials.

Stealing other people’s ID papers or their customers is for them a way of life because they themselves are incapable of achieving anything on their own, so their motto is “Ruin other people’s live, because they can afford it!”…

Can they afford to pay for the damage that they caused over the years???

Spying on them rerouting their emails or manipulating their smartphones or trying to pressure people with blackmailing them, so that they think they can find out everything about that person or pretending to be that person.

These people should think again, because such nasty deeds can bring you into a state which you never thought about!

Think about it!