Eating, looks and Co.

Now that the official X-mas time is over and the new round of eating(cooking included), looks and what ever else is in store for us gals now??? That is the question of all questions……….

I was just online reading or maybe better said scrolling through the headlines of a certain publication only to be bombarded with how some young thing looks at 20-25 with the fashion outfit of the year 2020… Which I must be honest and say “ if I wore that people would run away or ask me what has happened to you….?”  A nightmare at my house to say the least.. maybe that look is better left alone along with the pumped-up bits that make this look such a look for 2020.

Though I do have some questions about all that pumped-up stuff.. “How often do you have to go in for a maintenance check, and what happens when you get older?” I do not want to think about it!!

Then there are the eating issues about what people buy and who likes what they buy or who does not like what they buy… Why do they even post what they buy online?? Are you interested in my grocery purchases??

Just image that I bought some vegetables that you do not like… Then what??? Therefore, I will not post any controversial pictures of my groceries that could lead to an online uproar…  then there is the “what I have cooked from my groceries”.. That can be an OMG moment to say the least… because we all do not like nor eat the same things. This again could lead to online issues too. I will stay on the safe side and post nothing… I feel better already, to say the least!

Now back to the serious stuff like make-up, which is a never-ending series of looks, how to apply it and so forth. That was there too and how much make-up do I need to create all these looks that these 20-year old’s “create” and as they say hide all the wrinkles, too. At twenty you do not have wrinkles at a later stage in life is when the wrinkles are there, and the make-up just does not look the same… or am I missing something?????

After the fashion, food, and make-up I am ready for a break from it all and need to go offline to see the real world and all its wonders.  

A Christmas hug

It is Christmas again and there maybe some presents under your tree, but they are objects that cannot replace a hug that some may be wishing that they had as a present this year.

Many people who maybe are alone or longing for the hug from some family member are now thinking back about the times when hugs were freely given to all without a thought about the simple hug and now the simple hug has turned into something that we all long for and are beginning to appreciate what a hug really means to us.

Think about the word “Hug”

H is for heartfelt and showing strong feelings that are sincere.

U is for unasked and you would like to know without asking.

G is for generous and to give something freely.

This little definition of a hug could be true in many ways but otherwise a hug is defined as:

Hug*: to put your arms around somebody and hold them tightly, especially to show that you like or love them. (source: *Oxford-Advanced Learners Dictionary)

So, that little hug that many maybe longing for can be there in our thoughts by shutting our eyes and just imaging that that loved one is there hugging you and the wonderful memories of the previous hugs that we freely gave to everyone without thinking about what we were doing.

A little hug can go along way without saying anything that words can describe. So, one thing can be learned from how things are right now, is that we need to appreciate the small things in life, like a hug.

Give a hug if you can and then your day will be better.

Bling Bling Bling…

As you can imagine the title speaks for itself. As I was just reading there is someone in the world who decorated their house with lots of bling bling, and what impressed me the most was the guest bathroom, WC or whatever you want to call that room.

It is a room where glitter and sparkle would over whelm you and just imagine yourself sitting there on the throne with all that sparkle around you.. The rush of bling would shoot through your system and leave you speechless with bling…And not only that you have a bling bling luxury toilet paper roll holder, bringing the ultimate feeling of luxury by spotlighting your toilet paper too,which is a “Statement item nowadays!”

And in our new modern world where we are all at home more often, I can understand that eking urge to bling things up a bit and where is the best place to start???? Bingo you guessed it the WC!!

As you can imagine, as a gal I left my computer and rushed right into my WC to imagine what this room would look like if I blinged it up a bit… It was a bit hard to imaging but after contemplating a couple of minutes I had the idea…

Plus, as you all know it is proven fact that lots of business people make calls from that private room, so hey why not spiff-up my WC and turn it into my new conference room for those all-important private business calls to my associates when I need a bit of peace and quiet.

This would be no easy matter either. I checked out a couple of stores selling bling,bling things and accessories and they had just what I was looking for too. Blingy with a touch of kitsch and the look of ( I don’t know the words to describe it…sorry), but for the conference calls it would be a hit and the other person would be in for a big surprise to say the least. And I even found a stand that I can setup for the video call too, that had the touch that would be needed to impress.

My bling bling project seemed to be costing more than I thought, but hey a gal needs a WC that cry’s out “Here is bling and me!”… OMG!

 So, I did it and once finished I needed sunglasses to enter the WC when the light was on. I never thought about all that sparkling bling bling and the effect that it would have on things, but it was blingy to say the least!!!!

But the conference call was a hit it with the other gals participating in the call and there were some party poopers too, who were totally put off by all the bling, but who cares is my moto!!! 

And where was everyone else sitting during this conference call????? Yes, in their WC to have some peace and quiet from the commotion going on around them…

So, think about it…. How should my WC be decorated for the next time you have that all important call to make from your private office…The WC????  

Get a jump on Christmas

Remember the times as a kid when you wrote that letter to Santa Claus with your wish list that was about a mile long, and of course everything was on it that you could think of; whether you really needed it or not… But the wish list was written, and the wishes were there, and Santa Claus would pop by and of course fulfill the wish list (at least in my dreams).

Jolly Ol Saint Nick must have squeezed himself down thousands of chimneys and eaten zillions of cookies too on Christmas Eve… I wonder how he managed all that in his relentless job of delivering all those toys to the kids around the world???? Plus, as a kid, what I found more amazing, was that I never saw Santa Claus in my childhood. He seemed to visit our house put the presents under the tree and take-off in a jiffy.

Looking back at it I see Santa must have had a good time management system, and probably attended one of those seminars on “How to be more productive” and not to mention the fact that he must have spent a fortune on buying those addresses of where each kid lived… Santa must have been a real sort of advanced thinking guy for those times back then.

Then there were his reindeer that were top fit to pull his sleigh. Those deer must have participated in one of those special “Reindeer keep fit courses”. Do they still offer those courses nowadays??? I bet not anymore. Times have changed.

Though Santa’s “life hacks” were amazing back then. As many of you may remember he had his own tracking system shown on TV, showing his exact location somewhere, and the guy did not have GPS either. You can say what you want here, but that was something!!!

When I think back about those Christmas’s one thing is missing… You ask “What”???

I never got Santa’s phone number to say “Thank you” for delivery all those great presents to our house and placing them under our Christmas tree.

So, Santa, should you be reading this here: I just want to say “Thank you” for all those great toys that you brought to our house back then!!

Past-Thanksgiving Memories

As a kid I never really appreciated how much time and work my mom put into making our Thanksgiving dinner.

She started a couple of days before with preparing for that day… And she was never stressed out or upset, she just got on with it and cooked-up a fantastic meal in my eyes! Thanks mom

There on Thanksgiving morning mom would disappear into the kitchen for hours preparing the meal and the smell of the turkey baking in the oven was indescribable. I was not allowed in the kitchen when she was cooking as she put it “It’s too dangerous” … What was dangerous, I have no idea. I think it was to keep me out of the kitchen, so that I would not nag her or ask questions like “When can we eat?” Though to go outside, I had to walk through the kitchen, which on Thanksgiving day was more than once, because I needed to check the temperature out side or go out with the dog.. Any excuse to ask my mom “When will dinner be served?” And hope that she would give me something

Looking back, I think after about the tenth time of taking the dog out my mom had enough of the questioning and said that I did not need to take the dog out again. The dog loved walking through the kitchen too, with the hopefulness that something would fall from the counter into his mouth.. No such luck!!

Then came the highlight of the day… Dinner was served, and dad would carve the turkey and we would all enjoy the meal that my mom had spent hours/ days preparing, and now in about 60 minutes ( not too sure about the time span) it was over ,and all we had left was some leftovers for another meal.

On Thanksgiving my mom seemed to spend the whole time in the kitchen besides when she ate with us. Looking back, she worked really hard and was alone in the kitchen there working away, and I wonder today if she really knew how much we appreciated what she had cooked for us and the time she invested for that day, too ????

One thing is for sure, it may have gone unnoticed then, but it was never forgotten!


Well as you can imagine as a gal I love to shop (better said: loved to) and wonder through the stores and imagine myself wearing that outfit or buying it. Either way it was great.

Now, with the “new normal” I find something missing from my previous life and that is the shopping in the stores and having that coffee break with friends as we recharge are batteries to go for another round of serious shopping for whatever it was we were looking for.

I am sure I am not the only gal out there who feels this way. And you too may be missing those day outs with your friends…

Online is the “new normal”, which is rather boring and there is nothing interesting, except sit there and scroll and click…. BORING!!!

The trill of entering a store and running your hands over the material or trying on that piece of clothing is not there when you are online…. Or the excitement of finding “just what you were looking for” is gone when you are online.

And I was doing something for my figure too, by walking around when I was shopping, and not stagnating in a chair… Those were the days.. I can shut my eyes and see it all in front of me… Shopping and getting a round of walking in there too!!

I’m old school action packed with the thought “ There before my eyes is exactly what I want” and it is hanging there on the rack or just shouting out at me and saying “ here I am, just waiting for you”! 

What a feeling that was and it was only at the beginning of this year that I last had that feeling … now it seems like a memory that it is something that happened light years ago.

Nowadays, I sit here and write about my shopping memories and dream of the future when I can go out again with friends and enjoy the feeling of being in a store surrounded by those lovely pieces of clothing that “are just waiting for me”, and to walk around ( I cannot forget my figure… exercise is important, too).

I am not too sure when the time will come again, and where I should start, and I hope that the stores are still in business too… That is a rather worrying thought and all those poor people put out of work…. I (would) feel sorry for them….  I guess life is how it is and I still have great shopping memories and those cannot be taken from me, and gals I am sure you too have some great shopping memories that you can hold onto too.

Enjoy those shopping memories! 

Just a roll away

That roll of toilet paper was so close but yet so far away the lone package of toilet paper was there on the shelf of the grocery store alone waiting for someone to buy it, but price seems to play a decisive roll in the purchasing of toilet paper.

Since I have a bit more time on my hands I have started my own toilet paper  observation when I go shopping at the grocery store, and it seems the cheaper brands sell-out first and shoppers are hesitant about buying the more expensive sorts/brands.

Who wants quality when you can have quantity???? Though I am always biting my tongue not to ask people who have piled their shopping trolly full with inexpensive toilet paper…

I want to ask “Why are you buying so much and what is stopping you from buying the other product?”….

Plus, how much toilet paper do people need??? Let us be real here and think about the first lockdown in March 2020, when people stockpiled toilet paper as if the toilet paper would never be produced again.

Now we have November 2020 and people are hoarding toilet paper again…. Those people must have enough rolls by now to encompass the world a couple of times. Now what???

And to top it off on my way home from the grocery store there was a guy carrying 6 packages of the large family packs of toilet paper. This time I wanted to run up to him and ask, “Do you have enough toilet paper now and how much do you have bunkered at home?”  Though as you can imagine I didn’t…

These people who have lots of toilet paper hoarded at home and probably not thought about buying food to eat, so that they can use the toilet paper, but they have toilet paper…. I guess it is like a life ring used when people fall overboard from a ship…round with a hole in the middle of  it and will save your life; otherwise I have no idea??????

The mystery of hoarding toilet paper and the drivers behind hoarding it in 2020…. This mystery will remain until the toilet paper detectives go out and track down those toilet paper hoarders and ask them that all decisive question: “Why do you hoard so much toilet paper????

Let us stay tuned for the next episode of “Toilet Paper Hoarders” coming to a grocery to a near you!

Forgotten people – the frontline workers in Hospitals

Since this Covid-19 pandemic started there was a time when everyone was cheering for frontline workers and saying how wonderful those people are and people were hanging out their windows evenings cheering for those frontline people.

Now that the year is slowly coming to an end and the pandemic is still around effecting millions of people around the world, and I do not hear anymore news about people thanking those frontline people.

It seems like everyone is just taking the frontline workers now as if nothing ever happened and the frontliner’s are there to do their job.

They are the people who see people suffering everyday and are trying to help others, but now the clapping and cheering is over and people are more worried about how can I buy my toilet paper or get a coffee to go.

Sure, the economy is in a shambles and people need work to earn a living to buy things, but the human side of things is fading away. People should still be thankful for those on the frontline who are working around the clock to help people get back on their feet and get back home.

A big “Thank you” should be said for those people out there who help others everyday in a hospital!

A Hug

A hug is a simple thing that we have taken for granted in our lives, and now our hug is gone out of our lives.

Many people I know, whether it be family, friends, or people I work with, they all say they miss hugging or being hugged and that before the Covid-19 pandemic they never thought about how much they actually hugged others, or were hugged themselves in their lives.

Now in our new world with so many things that have changed including hugging, which is such a simple thing in life and does not cost anything is now missed so much. Maybe through these trying times people can learn to appreciate the simple things in life which took place once among family and friends.

Many have told me standing next to a loved one and not hugging them is very trying and makes them want to cry. Has anyone really thought about what hugging means to people and the psychological impact it has on many peoples lives?????

Why can’t I hug someone when we both have a mask on?

They say that when we are too close to others that we all should wear a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19 (Like they did 100’s of years ago when there was an outbreak of the Spanish Flu,; people wore masks.) Or I have seen some very ingenious ideas online how people managed to hug elderly loved ones without compromising them (I must say some were really good too!). And I am sure those giving and receiving the hug enjoyed every moment of it.

I too miss hugging family and friends but at the same time I feel no one really every broaches the subject “Hugging” … There is only the mental health aspect and somehow “Hugging” is shoved in there without being mentioned.

Missing being hugged does not mean a person has a problem; it’s more like they miss a simple fact of life and its role and impact on us as humans.

I would love to hear from people telling me about their “hugging” issues and how they are coping and be allowed to post it on my blog here for others to read about and give others support , in these trying times of Covid-19 and social distancing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I reposted this from a past post, but mom’s are always cool people no matter what.
Have a great Mother’s Day – all the moms out there in the world!

Moms are the Best!
Posted on May 10, 2012 by sueromeiser(copyright)

Mother’s day is coming up, and why is that only one day a year? Moms should be celebrated everyday for what they do or did and not only for one day.

My mom did great things for me and put up with all my nonsense when I was a kid. My mom was always there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on or she was my friend too and I could do lots of things with her. I didn’t see my mom as just a mom that should be thanked only on one day a year.

I was thankful everyday of the year. She taught me so many wonderful things and taught me to be strong and not let things get you down so quickly. I love my mom and I will admit it, even though she can’t hear/ read what I say. But I bet if she could read a blog from heaven she would smile at what I wrote.

Moms are great! My mom always had baked cookies and on cold days when I came home from school there on the table waiting for me were wonderful cookies fresh out of the oven.

My mom made sure that I always did my homework; even when I didn’t want too and now I am thankful for that. My mom taught me how to cook – ok, not every meal turned out but I never starved.

My mom taught me to be patient and not always be in a hurry or how to appreciate the small things in life because they are important too.

My mom was a bundle of wisdom in my eyes and always will be with her smile on her face or her laughing about something. The woman had a sense of humor too and she passed all those great things onto me.

Mom I love you!

So everyone out there don’t forget your mother wherever she is and all the great things that she did for you!